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Written by tiki7 on 01/23/12 08:04:26 AM PST Go back to Sales reviews
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SCAM or totally incompetent? Visited Rancho Ford Lincoln in Temecula because I saw $9500 off the sticker price on a 2011 Navigator in December, 2011. The new 2012 Navigators were coming out and we thought this might be a good deal. After rejecting their first offer, a week later I received a phone call from the salesman and made another offer, adding more money to the deal. Of course the salesman couldn't close the deal but after several hours he called back saying his sales manager ok'ed the offer. The offer was to include all taxes, license fee's, an "out the door price". They agreed everything was included on the phone. The next night when we arrived to purchase the truck, once again I asked if the price agreed upon was an out the door price. The salesman, sales manager and credit processor all agreed this was the out the door price. The credit processor even showed us her computer print out that at the bottom of the page printed in large letters was a note stating that the total was an out the door price. So we were all in agreement on the price, or so it seemed. While in the process of signing the paperwork I noticed the price of the truck written on the document was $6,500 less than the sticker price, so I asked if the taxes i was paying was on the sticker price or the price on the document. I was told the taxes were on the price they paid for the truck, the smaller number as shown on the document. Next I asked her what percentage the tax rate was in Temecula. She reviewed the document then went to get the sales manager. The sales manager stood outside for several minutes acting all upset, then came in and stated he couldn't sell me the truck at that price, that the taxes were not included. He wanted me to pay an additional amount, the amount was the sales tax, $4300. When I reminded him of our agreed upon price, written all over the computer print out, was with all taxes and fees included, and that he had the print out on his desk for over 24 hours he just smiled, said he made a mistake and I'd have to pay the additional $4300 if I wanted the truck. During the next few minutes I added the numbers in my head and showed him that adding the tax into the total raised the new total for the truck to an amount higher than their first offer the week before. None of this mattered to him, his only statement was they couldn't sell the truck at the agreed upon price. Then he stated that the computer had made a mistake. When I asked how they could miss something in pricing the truck he stated that the computer adds in the taxes automatically but must have zeroed out the taxes this time. That's just too hard for me to believe so I'm guessing that someone is either totally incompetent, if in fact a computer mistake happened....hard to believe......or they were attempting to run a scam on me.....this option seems more logical to me after dealing with these people. Since my experience there I've asked a few other car salesmen about my dealings at Rancho Ford Lincoln. I get the same answer every time, it's really impossible to delete the taxes on the print out and that this seems to poor method of sales. Poor method of sales? Seems like a typical scam to me. Needless to say I won't be buying a truck, having any service done there or recommend the dealer to any friends. Their loss as several friends were shopping at the same time. We'll all be looking for a honest dealer.

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I needed some work done on my 1999 Ranger. They were courteous, prompt, and the work was done right. George from the service dept was courteous, and thourough.

  • By tcrivello
  • on 02/14/2012
  • 05:34:16 PM PST

I am the general manager of Rancho Ford. I found out about the incident the next day and called the customer to apologize. For their inconvenience, I offered the customer an additional $500 discount from the sales price they had negotiated with sales management. I explained to the customer that in fact the sales manager had made an honest error in quoting the price without including the sales tax. I told him we have a new computer system that has a sales tax exempt prompt we use for sales to Indians living on the reservation and other tax exempt entities. This prompt must have been accidently clicked. We reqret that the incident happened and have taken steps to make sure it doesn't happen in the future.

  • By ilizarraga
  • on 03/30/2012
  • 03:28:48 PM PDT
  • (dealer response)