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Written by darby19d on 12/23/13 11:41:02 AM PST Go back to Service reviews
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I really feel Sunnyvale Toyota doesn't provide customer service that is acceptable by any means. I first bought my first Toyota, a 2010 Toyota Highlander Hybrid, in November of the same year. The sales person wanted me to come in the next day to complete remaining paperwork. I had told him that I had a family event in the afternoon, but he assured me that he would have everything ready so I wouldn't stay there for over an hour & would make my event on time. This was not the case, & after arriving around 9:00 in the morning, it took another 4 hours before I was able to leave. The entire time I waited, he kept stalling me that it would only take another 15-30 min (repeatedly). Needless to say, this started a bad relationship with Toyota Sunnyvale. After a year, the radio started to have problems. It would eject CDs on it's own & turn off. It got progressively worse. I reported this every time I brought the car in for maintenance, but they repeatedly said that they couldn't reproduce the problem. On the first maintenance after the warranty expired, they concluded that I was right & it did have a problem, but that I would have to pay for the replacement since the warranty had expired (in 2013). Only after complaining a very long time did they acknowledge that they should have replaced it earlier & didn't charge me for the replacement (but I did still pay for the labor). I shouldn't have had to spend the additional time to complain to have them fix something that should have been fixed during the warranty & I shouldn't have had to pay for the labor. About the same time, the key-fobs started to not work. Both had started to fail at the same time. I reported this as a concern since it appeared very unusual (the service representatives told my wife that when a key fob goes out, it goes bad gradually, giving the driver/owner ample notice to replace the battery). We replaced the batteries every 3 months for a 9-month period. Toyota Sunnyvale wouldn't troubleshoot the issue, but made me spend over $600 & labor on new key fobs. Again, like before, this problem started before the warranty period expired, but they wouldn't acknowledge a problem until after the warranty had ended. Soon after this, the stock tires had worn down at about 50K miles (I thought that was a rather short tread-life, but just accepted it). They were stock Toyo Open Country tires. My gas mileage on my hybrid had started to decline (from 26-27 mpg to about 25 mpg) so my initial thought was that it was the low tread on the tires. The service department read: "keep moving forward on tires MATCHED EXACTLY to your Toyota." I bought new tires that the service technician recommended (Yokohama Geolander). My gas mileage went down to 23-24 mpg. This just didn't make any sense. The service department said they would over-inflate the tires & that I should come back after 2-weeks of use. After 2-weeks, no change in gas mileage. They recommended changing the tires back to the stock model. In the meantime, I did some Internet research & learned that the Yokohama tires were discontinued (the previous year) & were not low-rolling resistance tires, which apparently are preferred tires for hybrid cars for improved mileage (according to my internet research). So much for the tires MATCHED EXACTLY to my Toyota. In order to facilitate moving back to the old model tires, I had to pay for labor & $100 for the difference between the two tires. My gas mileage is now 24-25 mpg. Recently, there was a recall for an IPM module, which apparently is part of the hybrid drive system. The service to address this was expected to take 1-3 days. In each of the previous visits (which were multiple for each), I was given a loaner car. One of the times, I had returned a loaner car with baby food stains in the back seat, which I wonít deny because I remember when it happened. When I returned it (which wasnít the last time), they accepted the return of the car & said it was okay. Now, they are saying that they will no longer give me loaners because they expect not to have to pay additional costs for detailing a car. Thatís fine. I expect not to have to need a loaner every time I bring in my car and that they fix my car when I report an issue (Iíve started taking pictures when something goes wrong to give them proof) Also, this is was an issue, whey didnít they tell me when I returned the car at that time and I talked to the service representative about it (I didnít try to hide it, I pointed it out when I returned the car. Like I said, I remember when it happened). At this point, I feel the decision not to give me a loaner & not to tell me about this is simply vindictive since this was something that could have been communicated over 6-months ago. At any rate, at this point, itís clear Toyota Sunnyvale conducts stall tactics to create a situation to maximize service bills to create a greater financial burden on their customers than expected.

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Darby, Iím sorry that this is the impression you were left with. We certainly understand how frustrating it can be when mechanical failures occur so shortly after your warranty has expired. We only hope you can understand that it is not our policy to delay repairs until after your coverage has expired. As a retail store, we rely greatly on returning business and building trust with our valued customers is one of our foremost goals. On behalf of that, I would appreciate the opportunity to look into the concerns youíve mentioned expressing during Highlanderís scheduled maintenance visits. If you would be so kind, please contact me at your earliest convenience so we can discuss your experience in further detail. Sincerely, Bob Neitzke Service & Parts Department Director

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