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Written by EWToySunnyvale on 12/27/13 11:25:44 AM PST Go back to Sales reviews
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Although I am pleased with the physical vehicle I purchased from Toyota Sunnyvale, I am extremely dissatisfied with the poor customer service immediately after the sale was completed. After the sale was finalized (+3 hours and 3 separate trips), only one set of keys was provided for new car (*used, only had 22,000 miles, but it is new to me), and the Dealer blamed the customer for losing the second set and followed up by saying they are only required to provide one key. However, this key to my keyless ignition car had a dead battery in it. Additionally, all of the previous car owner's personal information was still stored in my vehicle (including their home address and personal phone contacts). Since I was within my 3-day guarantee period, I immediately contacted the dealership, and was promised they would replace the battery if I brought the car back in. I told the employee on the phone and via email what day and time I would be expected. Upon arrival, I was treated poorly by an associate, Ken C (3rd party to this particular sale). Unfortunately, it only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch. When people have been asking me about my new car, I have been saying it's nice, and then following up with the story of his terrible behavior. I am your customer, and have just made a large purchase that I would hope would translates to at least cordial customer service by ALL of your staff (not just the Dealer or people making a commission), since it is a reflection upon your entire business. I felt Ken was extremely rude, and wanted to inform you so that he can adjust his attitude for future customers, or people can altogether request another representative (Jordan was my dealer, and was nice). It is unfortunate that the second set of keys was "lost", and think it was poor business to fail to mention this detail until after the paperwork was all signed. It will be a personal expense to have another set of keys coded; that will be hundreds of dollars. I do realize that this is a minimal charge to replace the battery, however it is the principle of making a +$17,000 purchase to a keyless ignition car, and the one and only set of keys doesn't work. This was supposed to be a simple, "no problem" fix that was communicated to your staff, but was executed very poorly. I do not appreciate Ken taking a tone with me, nor being pushy with my personal items. When we were in the Finance Specialist Eric's office to get the cables I had forgotten (thank you again for that), Ken removed them from the plastic bag they were in, and aggressively threw the bag down on your office floor, and shoved the cables at me. He was beyond-rude, and told me this is NOT his problem, that it is Mine since I purchased the car as-is. He immediately told me that I would "need to come back tomorrow when somebody could help me". Again, I had communicated that I would be there that Wednesday night at 8 PM (there was only 1 other customer in the entire dealership at that time, it was not as if he were too busy to be capable of helping). It is 30-mile drive for me, and this was my 4th trip down, after I had to work that day. And when I am on-the-clock at work, I am Expected to represent my company in a positive manner. I also do not appreciate his condescending statements nor his raising voice at me. When he finally said he would need to check with his manager, I asked for his name, and quickly his attitude changed. Then his demeanor changed from being openly rude to a fake helpful/cheeriness; it is insulting he would try and act in good character once he was in the presence of his manager. He pretended to fumble through the box of keys for all of the vehicles, but then promptly stated he did not have any matches for batteries. I told him they had already put a new model of my car at the front of the lot, but it must have been too much trouble to walk the couple feet to check on it. Instead of actually taking apart the keychain like I requested so that I could see what type of battery it was, they instead told me flatly that I should "just drive the car manually with the hardcopy of the key"... great advice... All in all, Ken was very quick to make assumptions and make a terrible impression, when this business had nothing to do with him. Honestly, the Walgreens employee who actually helped to open up the keychain to change the battery was more willing and able to be of assistance (while working on minimum wage with no commission versus a business such as yours that relies heavily on customer satisfaction and referrals). This was within my 3-day return "Satisfaction Guaranteed" parameters, and the dealership is lucky that I did not return the car immediately. Needless to say, my satisfaction level has dropped substantially, and I am hesitant to recommend your dealership in the future.

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I am disappointed to hear such negative feedback from one of our customers. We aim for a high standard of customer service here at Toyota Sunnyvale, and I am sorry if we've fallen short of this goal with you. Please contact me at your earliest convenience so that I can learn more about what happened and apologize to you personally. Sincerely, Shaun Zimmerman General Sales Manager

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