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Written by twee1 on 05/31/09 12:00:00 AM PDT Go back to Sales reviews
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My boyfriend decided to upgrade from his original car that he received in his college years to a G35 Infiniti after he just earned his PhD. We did a lot of research and did not walk in blindly. In fact, we had just come from another Infiniti dealership and was offered a good deal after about an hour of back and forth negotiating. The car just didn't have the small particulars we really wanted, so we decided to go to Beshoff and look at a car we saw online. As we were walking around looking at this car on the front lot, a guy comes out of the building and hocks a loogie, then spits it out on the grass! I turned my back to him, thinking "oh please don't come over to us, please don't come over to us'...well, he did. Great. He introduced himself as Linn, and we told him we wanted to test drive this one car. He turned out to be nice and accommodating. After the test drive, we went inside to talk numbers. Now, the inside of this place is very nice, very modern with leather chic couches everywhere. I thought this was pretty cool, a lot nicer than other dealerships I've been in (even the BMW dealership where I bought my car). Once we sat down is when the nightmare began. The salesman, Linn, went on a 15 minute schpeel about how awesome this flagship dealership is and how it's the newest and greatest dealership in America, along with the one in New York. I started getting a little wary that he had to state all these things, as we were really only interested in the car. Plus, it's a beautiful Sunday and I don't want to spend it BS-ing around with this guy. So finally the numbers talk came. I have bought 3 cars in my life, and had to suffer through 6 months of my ex-boyfriend selling cars after grad school, so I am very well aware of the ins and outs of the car buying business. I, however, didn't tell Linn this, and just watched as Linn dealt with my boyfriend. Linn found out that this was my boyfriend's first vehicle purchase, and I saw an immediate change in demeanor. He tried to sell the car for A THOUSAND DOLLARS MORE than what the sign on the car outside said!! He told us that was the deal he could give us! When we called him out on that, he backtracked and said, "Oh well that was the tag from last weekend, that shouldn't have been on there." Wow, shady. I said, "well, that's the price tag sitting on the car right now, so shouldn't that be the price you offer us out of fairness?" (plus it's the last day of the month and I saw on the CarFax report that that car was sitting on the lot for the past 3 months). He started blabbering out a bunch of jibberish about last weekend on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday it was on sale and now it's a different weekend and they don't need to have their cars on sale because they are such a prestigious dealership, etc. etc. RED FLAG RED FLAG! You could tell he was trying to cover his ass and he was slightly perturbed that we were so rude as to call him out on it. So finally we said, ok lets just get going, we'll head out to another Infiniti dealership. Linn said "Wait", then walked out to talk to his manager and came back saying, "Ok we'll offer you the price that's listed on the car. Wow, whoopty doo, thanks a lot you [violative content deleted]. But, alas, we settled back in our seats and then told him the price we wanted (which was the price on the G35 at the other dealership, about $3000 less than what Beshoff was offering), he said indignantly, "We don't sell anything here for that price". THEN he snidely said to my boyfriend, "Well maybe this is just too much car for you." How DEMEANING and POMPOUS is that? I wanted to reach over the table and punch him in the face. My boyfriend kept his cool, but I couldn't. I finally told him that I knew he was taking advantage of us because he didn't thinkwe knew what we were doing. If I have ONE pet peeve, it's being talked down to by some [violative content deleted] who thinks he's more intelligent or high class than me. He said he has 2

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