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  • 280 S Van Ness Ave
  • San Francisco, CA 94103 (map)
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RUDE people - especially the Internet Manager

Written by fishhoppa on 09/27/08 12:00:00 AM PDT Go back to Sales reviews
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Weekend1 : Emailed the dealerships via the Mazda website and received an email quote for what I was looking for. Royal replied with a a request for what I was looking for. After a search, gave me his 'best-bottom line' price. Other dealerships in the area started to respond a few days later and ultimately one dealer came back with a price that was significantly (over $1k) lower than Royal's. Weekend2: Went in to meet the internet sales in person to discuss price. Showed him the email from dealer #3 and asked if he could beat (or match). If not, no harm done, because I wanted to see if he'd at least match or else I'd go buy form dealer #3. If yes, than I would buy that moment. He crunched some numbers, grumbled a bit and said no. can't do it. can't take a loss on this deal. no way. (his voice growing louder and more agitated by the second) I can;t sell you a car for such a big loss. he than goes on to say that it's below his cost and that he was not even going to make his sales goal for the month so he's not even going to touch that number (again his voice is gettign louder and louder so that other customers actually notice it now). There's no way I'm going to sell this at a lost to you. My reply to him: No worries, I'll just go to dealer #3 to buy it now. I just wanted to give you a chance before I went. If you want to forward that email with the price for me to look at, that'd be ok. --- my reply was Why would I want to forward you the email if you just told me there was no way you could do that price? To that he replied good luck getting it because I almost positive you're not going to get it. At that point I just left. I am sure there are good, honest, respectful dealer / sales people out there --- it's just that I have NEVER in my life ever encountered one myself , nor have any of my friends that ever bought cars. A majority of these guys are just pure slimeballs out to take advantage of people.

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wow, based on micosilver's comments, i will definitely NOT go to Royal Motors to buy my Volvo. and i will make sure to tell everyone, ESPECIALLY if they're buying a VW. he clearly stated the sequence of events, not faulting the dealer in any way of not being able to match/beat prices. "Not matching someone else's price does not equal bad service" - where did he say it was? "this is business, you don't like the price - guess what? You don't have to buy it." - right, he didn't; he said no problem and that he'll just go to dealer #3. micosilver, can you even read or comprehend all of this? he merely wanted to give RM a chance. what he is saying is that the dealer got angry on his own, made a scene with his uncalled for loud voice, and told him to forward an email offer that he JUST said he couldn't beat. what kind of game is that? but it's YOUR comments that make people want to run and stay away from RM. you obviously can't read and have extremely bad comprehension skills, which leads me to believe buying a car from you and your dealership would be a huge mistake. "This is the place to warn other shoppers of possible bad practices, salespeople and dealers to avoid..." - This you are correct. it is clear telling a customer you can't beat a price and then asking him to forward and email so you can continue negotiating up is A BAD PRACTICE, and definitely a salesman to avoid. In case you don't understand all of this, you have not helped Royal Motors in any way.

  • By scorpioneyes
  • on 12/05/2010
  • 08:37:55 PM PST

For everyone reading these comments, I've done a little more research as to who or why MICOSLIVER has singled me out by attacking my comment with Royal Motors. He is apparently associated with Royal Motors and could quite possible be the rude Internet Manager that I wrote about in my review. Everything I wrote was the absolute truth as there was no reason for me to lie at all. I will not print his name here on this board, but am more than happy to confirm with anyone via email.

  • By fishhoppa
  • on 12/05/2010
  • 08:39:05 PM PST

"Let me get this straight: You shopped for the lowest quote, you got a lower quote, but you still went to Royal Mazda. May I ask - why?" REPLY: BECAUSE ROYAL WAS THE CLOSEST DEALER TO WHERE I LIVED. I WANTED TO GIVE HIM THE OPPORTUNITY TO EITHER BEAT OR MATCH THE PRICE SO THAT I COULD DO BUSINESS WITH HIM "Once you got there - you tried to renegotiate the "bottom line price" that you supposedly had already beated - again - why?" REPLY: WE SAT DOWN, I SHOWED HIM HIS EMAIL AND THE EMAIL FORM HIS COMPETITOR. AGAIN, BECAUSE ROYAL WAS THE CLOSEST DEALER TO WHERE I LIVED. I WANTED TO GIVE HIM THE OPPORTUNITY TO EITHER BEAT OR MATCH THE PRICE SO THAT I COULD DO BUSINESS WITH HIM. "The Internet manager told you once that the offer is final, but you stayed there trying to make him sell a car at loss until you got him pissed off - WHY?????" REPLY: HE WENT ABOUT CRUNCHING THE NUMBERS AND SAID WHAT HE SAID IN THE SPAN OF 30 SECONDS. HE GOT PISSED OFF ALL ON HIS OWN AS HE WAS GETTING LOUD ABOUT NOT SELLING AT A LOSS. I DID NOT STAY THERE TRYING TO MAKE HIM SELL ANYTHING. I WAS THE ONE THAT GOT UP AND LEFT. "And you didn't buy the car there, no one pressured you to buy the car there, but yet you still go to Edmunds, and pour dirt over them. So my question is - what is your problem?" REPLY: I WENT AND POSTED MY EXPERIENCE WITH THE DEALERSHIP. IS THIS NOT WHAT THE REVIEW FORUM IS ALL ABOUT?? REVIEWING ONE'S EXPERIENCE WITH A DEALERSHIP? WHY DIDN'T YOU BLAST THE OTHER REVIEW? THE OTHER REVIEWER DIDN'T PURCHASE A CAR FROM THEM EITHER. SO I ASK... WHAT IS REALLY YOUR PROBLEM? WHY ARE YOU ATTACKING ME???? "Could it be that is not that ALL car sales people in the country are slimeballs, maybe you are the problem?" REPLY: AGAIN, WHY ARE YOU ATACKING ME? IS THIS NOT A MESSAGE BOARD FOR REVIEWS? WHAT ARE YOU ACTING SO HIGH AND MIGHTY HERE?

  • By fishhoppa
  • on 12/05/2010
  • 08:39:29 PM PST

Wow, thats too bad. I actually had a great experience at RM Volvo (although I came to rue the day I bought a Volvo with all the repairs I had to bring it in for) back in 2006 when I bought it. Did exactly what you did and the internet sales manager instantly beat the price and even had the car transferred from another dealership. However, I just checked their website and couldn't find the name of the guy I worked with so they may have changed people. The people really do make all the difference don't they?

  • By suspendmix
  • on 12/05/2010
  • 08:39:37 PM PST

fishhoppa - your experience, unfortunately, is not unique. Regardless, in my opinion, you were right to give Royal the chance to meet the other dealer's offer. As you said, if they could not do it, no harm done. You were trying to help them earn a commission. I am glad that you wrote your review and glad that I could see how Royal does business. In light of your review and the other negative review about Royal, I will skip over them in search of my new Volvo. frustrated buyer myself

  • By kim216
  • on 12/05/2010
  • 08:39:48 PM PST
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