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  • Sacramento, CA 95841 (map)
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Will never, ever go near there again, here's why

Written by billpennock on 07/10/10 12:00:00 AM PDT Go back to Sales reviews
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Admittedly this review is several years late but it's a story I have told repeatedly both to the dealer and to everyone I know. The dealer doesn't care to listen, in fact in spite of this story and doing nothing to apologize or fix it they have marketed to me. My wife and I went in with a trade and cash to purchase an Avalanche. We had identifed the truck using edmunds and the web, they had what we wanted except no sunroof but said they could have one put in by a local company that does this for dealers all over town. We drove the truck, it's what we were looking for, so it took awhile for us to agree on a price but we did. Now remember, this was a cash deal but when we went into finance things became tedious. We were offered a warranty and when I turned it down were treated to a diatribe about how valuable it would be because the shop made all it's money on repairs and if I didn't get this extended warranty I'd have to be paying for this piece of junk getting repaired all the time at my cost. If I had not already purchased many GM vehicles and knew that I could drive them several hundred thousand miles without exorbatant problems (interiors not included ) then I frankly would have walked out. "You just agreed to buy a GREAT car, but it will need to be brought in for repair alot" Sorry I didn't buy the car to come see your service department even if it wasn't going to cost me much. Anyway we were offered several other warranty's, all kinds of coatings, and extra after extra. For a cash deal the Finance took over 3 hours. It was an ordeal, all the time looking to get more money, more money, pounding, pounding, pounding. Finally we got out of the torture and started to drive our new beauty home, thankfully we still actually liked the car. Now comes the real fun! Remember we got a sunroof which meant we got an "I Owe You" for the sunroof to take it to the aftermarket installer. I got home, 15 mile drive, and on my answer machine at home was the following message from the sadistic finance lady, "Mr. Pennock, sorry to inform but after reviewing your purchase we realized that there wasn't enough money in the deal so we can't give you the Sunroof.". That was it, no way out, no apology, just don't get something that was in the contract. So I called them back. She was in finance "with another customer" and couldn't be bothered with the one previous, call back. After several times calling I got a sales person and was told that he couldn't be bothered (that's right bothered) talking to me about a problem he had CUSTOMERS to handle. Yea, they had finished trying to take what I would let them from me. I finally had to threaten my corporate lawyer and a call to the California Authorities and the next day got a call back saying that there had been a mistake and of course I could go get my Sunroof. Too little, too late. this was the first time in 55 years that I had finally had cash for a new car and they managed to RUIN that experience for me. Thankfully the Avalanche has been a GREAT truck. This story is now 6 years old, I still tell it regularly, but the truck has been fabulous. Only one problem in all that time for a repair cost of $600 bucks, it's got 60k miles on it. Looks and runs great. But I will never, never, never, ever go to Performance Chevrolet again, and I make sure as many people as I can hear this story because they give car sales and dealerships the bad name that not all of them should have.

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We had a similar experience with this dealer. They promised extra items to be installed on our car after the purchase and they NEVER delivered and lost the paperwork for the added extras.

  • By chevy103
  • on 08/02/2013
  • 01:53:45 PM PDT
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