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Conistent professionalism, integrity, competence, and courtesy

Written by thomas_malone on 04/12/08 12:00:00 AM PDT Go back to Service reviews
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From 1990 through the present (2008), year after year I have had positive service experiences at Mel Rapton Honda, in Sacramento, California. This is what I feel most customers should justifiably expect when they take their cars in to be serviced at any car dealership service department. The title of my piece sums it up exactly as I have experienced it since I started taking my family's Hondas there to be serviced. Over the years since 1984, I have faithfully brought in our Hondas for their regularly scheduled service appointments since my wife and I bought our first Honda, an '84 Civic Wagon. From 1985 to 1989, I took our subsequent Hondas (and one Acura) to other Honda dealerships, Acura dealership, or independent Honda repair shops. At Mel Rapton Honda, I have been treated with the utmost respect and courtesy. Because I am talking about Hondas, most of my service experiences are your typical, uneventful appointments where the car is taken in for its service and picked up when the service technicians are done. When the rare, unanticipated mechanical issues arise -- usually after having the car for at least seven or more years -- and the probable causes explained, my service advisors respectfully and patiently explain the recommended steps to correct the problem. Any questions that I have are answered as thoroughly as possible. There has only been one time that I am aware of when a service technician made a mistake, and that was sometime around 15 years ago. My service advisor apologetically brought it to my attention, expained the situation to me, and corrected the mistake at no extra cost to me. To sum up: he apologized, accepted responsibility for the organization, and corrected the problem. Now, that's what I mean by integrity. Currently, my family owns two Hondas: a 2006 Accord and a 2007 Odyssey. We have had concerns about poor fuel economy -- 12 to 14 mpg overall compared to the advertised 18 city, 26 highway. Parenthetically, we had a 2000 Odyssey, and it averaged about 16 to 17 mpg. The service department has patiently worked with us by identifying and implementing possible solutions for the past few months. This is a work in progress, and it has not as yet been resolved to my satisfaction; but I do not fault Mel Rapton Honda because I see it as an engineering flaw with the latest generation Odysseys not anything that the service department is not doing correctly. Back to my typical service experiences, I am consistently treated in a professional manner that is respectful and friendly. Other Honda dealerships that I have gone to have had a more sterile feel to them. Those dealership service departments were courteous, but that personal connection that I regularly experience at Mel Rapton Honda was noticeably absent. Anytime I speak with another Honda owner and the topic of having the car serviced comes up, I share my experiences and encourage them to try out Mel Rapton's service department. I just wish American Honda would have permitted them to establish a Honda dealership nearer to where I live, about 20 miles east of Mel Rapton, before they approved a Stockton Honda dealer to start breaking ground on a dealership about five miles away.

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