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  • 12505 Automall Pkwy
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Backed my car into something and not even sorry

Written by folsomservice on 09/27/09 12:00:00 AM PDT Go back to Service reviews
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Clearly the mechanics at this dealer don't care that they are taking care of the item which costs you the second most money only behind a mortgage! They treat your car as if you are at the local Bob's garage who helps your 1981 Blazer to pass smog only long enough for you to get the certificate! Someone needs to pull these mechanics in for some hard core customer service training, and let them know that in this economy, there are MANY other qualified mechanics who would gladly take their jobs! The people you speak with at the front are good, except they don't take ownership of damage, but the mechanics actually doing the work (the important part) clearly don't care. A business is only as stong as their weakest employee and apparently I got the weakest employee at Folsom Lake Honda working on my car. Go into this knowing that I am the nicest person you will meet until you piss me off! First took my 08 Accord in for multiple warranty items, they agreed to repair all items except leather damage stating that it was caused by an outside source. I guess in the new Accords, you can't sit in them if you have buttons on your clothes as they cause leather damage, rediculous, but I figued this is a design issue and I would take it up with Honda, not the dealer, I didn't even make it an issue. Made an appt. and took the car in for the repairs, they were not able to complete them all as one part was on back order and one was ordered incorrectly, no big deal completely understandable and a non issue. After the repairs, got into my car and noticed that clearly there was not paper put on the floor as there was black all over the tan floor mats I had just cleaned the day before, although very frustrating, I didn't say anything, I am not one for confruntation and so far so good with the service otherwise. A few days later, I went to go somewhere at night and noticed none of my interior overhead lights worked, one of the warranty items was door seals so I figued maybe something got disconnected, let me tell you not fun to buckle in an infant in pitch black. Called the next day and they said to bring it by and they would take a look. Then was washing the car and noticed a quarter inch scrape in the door frame, must have been from working with the door seals, looks like a screwdriver or other tool slipped to leave the mark, you think they would at least put a dot of paint on to correct it, nope. So now we are on issue 3, grease, lights and scrape on door frame. Slowly a generally grounded person is getting frustrated. Took the car in for the light issue, they said they will take a look and the part initially ordered incorrect had come in so they would fix that too, sounded great. After repairs, got into my car to find got it, dirty floor mat and black marks on the door frame, with two kids, there are always wipes in the car so I cleaned the door frame dabbed the mat the best I could and on my way... again didn't bother to make it an issue. That evening, heading to the park with the kids, the light caught the rear bumper just right and WHAT THE....there are two gouges on the bumber and a imprint of a half circle right above the tail pipe these are not small scrapes this is chunks and an imprint in the bumper! Clearly my car was backed into something, I immediatly loose control for a split second as my kids are in ear shot other wise all the windows in the neighborhood would have rattled. Seriously... I take my car in to a dealership of all places and they damage it and don't even have the decency to let me know and have a plan to repair it. I called my contact and left a message right away. I am the first to admit that I am very anal about my cars, always have been I pay a lot of money for them and feel they should be well taken care of, so of course I am very upset and tense the rest of the night. My contact called in the morning and I took it by, he looked at it for a while then went inside, he came back an

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