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Written by 368 on 08/27/11 10:39:24 PM PDT Go back to Sales reviews
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While making the deal for this Subaru I had to go over and over the list of add ons (DUE BILL) it was bothersome. The list: Roof Rails, Trailer Hitch, Rear Bumper Guard, All Weather Mats, Cargo(Cover, Mat, Nets - sides and back - that's all to a Manual Transmission, 5spd. I really wanted Sage Green but only 3 or 4 manual trans in all Norther California. So we haggle over what's available a white, black or red one. All right I'll take the white one W, 6/15/11 @ 17:16hrs I signed for a white Forester without seeing it, put down $2,500 dep on a cash deal. On R, 6/16/11 @ 16:32 I get a call the White Forester is not available we'll give you the Black one with 2yr maintenance and allow wheels added onto my list or due bill to pick up on Sat, 6/18/11. F, 6/17/11 @ 09:43 a call Black Forester delayed possible M, 6/20/11. Later on F, 6/17/11 @ 18:56 Black Forester available on Sat, 6/18/11. I show up on Sat, 6/18/11 ~ 09:00 no Forester not available maybe Monday. I ask for a loaner as I am renting and will have to add another week; NO, no loaner. So I ask for my deposite back $2,500 from W, 6/15/11. I'll have to wait for Mon as finance is closed. I call Albany Subaru leave msg. Later that day Sat, 6/18/11 ~16:00 I have an e-mail from Albany Subaru that a Black Forester is available, funny, is it the same one from Downtown Subaru, Oakland? At 16:58 Sat, 6/18 I get a call from Downtown Subaru, Oakland that they are going to pick up the White Subaru from Elk Grove, Subaru right now, leaving this evening will be ready tomorrow, Sun, 6/19/11. So on Sun, 6/19/11 I see the White Forester - no Roof Rails on the roof - I'm not concerned as it is on the DUE BILL - I didn't know NOR WAS I TOLD THAT ROOF RAILS ARE PUT ON BY THE MANUFACTURER - didn't learn that till T, 8/2/11 when the DUE BILL was finally installed. So I gave the car a look over drove around the block and noticed a couple of noises not heard on any other Forester I test drove: 1. the engine is loud, growls and 2. kinda a jingle when deacceleerating without clutch engaged - push in clutch sound stops - release clutch sound appears. Car runs ok just these two suttle noises. The car already had the Rear Bumper Guard and Cargo Mat from Elk Grove. I MISTAKINGLY PAID CASH AND DRIVE OFF - I WISH I NEVER DROVE THAT CAR OFF THE LOT. 6/23 272miles on the car Check Engine light goes on - 275miles the Check Engine light goes off. Call salesman - bring it in F, 6/24 so at ~08:15 I bring it into Service - found no service codes. I test drive the Black Forester, that's right, (note: I really didn't want a black car) it's also man trans and it does not growl or jingle on deacceleration - why does mine? The salesman confirms my noise of the engine being loud or growling - as he drove it from Elk Grove. I mentioned the noises to Service also last couple days hard to start. Later that day F, 6/24 salesman calls, "Service has found something about hard to start"? Will order part, and also waiting for parts on DUE BILL list. I get a call to come in for DUE BILL on W, 6/29 I show up after work 16:05 Service only has 2 items on DUE BILL: Roof Rails and Tow Hitch - no mats, cargo stuff, rear bumper guard etc. Not right - he checks - no answer why? I go to Customer Service Rep. On F, 7/1/11 17:28 I get a call from Cust Rep the correct DUE BILL has been found will call next week as all parts not in. I called M, 7/11 lv msg with Cust Rep. T, 7/12 Cust Rep called back, has not received all parts. T, 7/19/11 15:30 I show up at Dealer after work to check on parts, Service has all parts - make apptmnt for M, 7/25/11 to drop off car and pick up on T, 7/26. T, 7/26 pick up car, No DUE BILL, no roof rails etc on car - FORGOT DUE BILL - make another apptmnt for M, 8/1/11 samething drop off pick up on T, 8/2/11. Service adjusted Air gap right hand bank 1, camshaft position sensor gap was 1.02mm spec is 1.25 - 1.35mm, made no difference in starting and still hear the 2 noises. So on T, 8/2/11 I pick up the White Forester with all my DUE BILL and no ROOF RAILS where are the roof rails? I get Cross Bars instead and they install the forward cargo net instead of back one, all else ok. Service says Roof Rails have to be installed by the Factory - funny 1st I HEAR OF IT. I go to the Cust Rep, she orders the cargo net back and asks what I want to do about the ROOF RAIL - CROSS BARS; I'd think on that. Really - I would like them to take the car back - the sale was made in a dishonest way and the car is just not right. On R, 8/4 I am able to take a mechanic on a ride to check out the 2 noises; I only can get him to hear the loud engine or growl the deacceleration jingle I couldn't repoduce loud enough for him to hear, the cargo net back not avail. M, 8/8 Cust Rep calls ~13:30 cargo net back in and she talked with the Sales Manager about the missing Roof Rails come in and talk. Ok, I arrive after work ~15:35 pick up cargo net back then I'm directed to Sales Mngr - He looks at me and doesn't know why I'm standing in front of him? What? He calls Cust Rep and Salesman who sold me the car. We go through who said what - when about not being informed about the roof rails. After all I did get something on the roof - cross bars right - whats the problem? I state I would like the Dealer to take the car back. The sales mngr thinks I am going to TRADE the car in - so we are at an impass. The Service Assistant Mngr said that he would call me when his mechanic drove another manual transmission to compair - WELL IT'S SAT, 8/27/11 NO RESPONSE - I want to talk to the owner of the Dealership, DOWNTOWN AUTO CENTER.

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