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Don't fall for their gimmicks

Written by honest_patron1 on 09/01/10 12:00:00 AM PDT Go back to Sales reviews
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Better stunts than Hollywood, but worse acting than B movies!!! It is sad to say but I guess it's true, car salesman are difficult to trust. My story started about 2 weeks ago, I was in the market for a new pick up, so I emailed various local dealers with the specs I was looking for. Modesto Toyota answered my email and stated that they have my "2011 Magnetic Gray Tacoma 4x4 Double TRD sport Long Bed" in stock and quoted a price near the invoice. So I confirmed and scheduled an appt the internet manager for Saturday. When I arrived, there were salesmen approaching my car and I hadn't even parked yet. I asked for the internet sales manager, and they sent me to their used car lot. I went to the used lot asking for the internet manager and they made me wait about 30 minutes in their debilitated lobby with poor lighting and no television. I guess all that waiting gave them time to scheme something up, who knows. After several overhead pages for the internet manager, let's call him [violative content deleted], he finally comes out of his office. I had a bad feeling about this and wanted to leave, but silly me want to give them the benefit of the doubt. Anyways, Mr Shady walked me to his office and stated that he has my truck pulled up in the back and ready for me to test drive. I saw the truck and it WASN'T a "2011 Tacoma Double 4x4 TRD sport Long", instead it was a "2010 Silver Tacoma SR5". I told him we spoke over the phone yesterday and you told me you had the truck. Things went from annoying to irritating, when he told me that the gray truck I asked for was sold......REALLY?! sold this morning?!. So in an attempt of bad acting: Mr Shady calls the front desk and ask the receptionist, "Hey bud, do we still have the gray Tacoma?" Receptionist replied, "Nope, we sold it", Mr Shady, "uh this morning right?" Receptionist, "yeah, **pause**, oh yeah" Mr Shady, "I'm sorry about that, but we have a nice silver one, though it doesn't have the package you ask for it is 4x4, and I can still offer you at the same price I quoted you for the gray one" Me (getting really steamed) "OK goodbye!" Mr Shady. "Yeah we have lots of people this morning buying cars from us (I'm like for reals? who are you fooling when I look around your lot) As I continue to walk out Mr Shady, "Um wait, if you leave me a deposit, I can get you that same truck by Monday" Now Mr Shady is chasing me down the hallway. I didn't want to hear it anymore. I wasted my weekend on this B.S. Maybe others would have been tricked into buying something else, but please don't insult my intelligence. I looked at their lot, and there were a bunch of sales person staring at each and there was no sight of potential customer; these guys look like [violative content deleted] (and that's not going to be me), and Mr Shady is going to tell me that he sold the truck already? REALLY I was so piss b/c I had planned that weekend to be with out-of-town friends and Mr. Shady tried to pull a fast one on me. I was already on the road heading home, and he calls me telling me if I can come by on Monday with a deposit, he will get that truck I initially asked for. He had his chance, I brought my checkbook and he pulls this stupid charade on me!!! Shame on you Modesto Toyota, shame on your horrible sales tactic; especially when times are tough and your 3rd quarter sales are behind Ford and Honda, you have people like this pulling stupid stunts on potential buyers??? Not only did Modesto lose my business, but they lost a great referral source..... For those who are looking into buying a new car from Toyota, I recommend looking into the bay area or Sac, especially those dealers who have won the "President's Award"; they have good business ethics with good customer service and higher sales volume. Stay away from Modesto Toyota and Stay away from Sam Esho, the internet sales manager who made me lose faith in people, i.e. sales people, SHAME ON YOU!

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