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Fremont Toyota SUCKS!

Written by peterfun112 on 12/13/11 09:18:43 PM PST Go back to Sales reviews
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If I can give me negative stars I would. I was out looking for an acura mdx and they have one. I started talking with Christie and Chris (I think Chris works under Christie) and test drove it and it was good and well. I then bought my wife to see the car and Anita was eagered to help us and Chris and Christie were both off that day so we'll test drive with her, so we thought. 45 minutes later, no key... Turned out someone from the office took the key and refused to give it to her. OK, for the test drive, we found that Anita knows nothing about car. How to turn on a light, what's the button used for, where are the switches, she is rude, offensive and clueless. OK, I thought, we will make an offer to Christie and we will never had to deal with Anita. So I called back a few days later, which Christie and I pretty much agreed on a price and also we've agreed that I don't have to deal with Anita. When I showed up with my wife and my 2 year old after work, Christie was gone (She told me she would wait for me), and guess whom she asked to take over? ANITA! We asked for the key for a final check up, it took another 45 minutes to get the key, turned out someone was test driving it. They didn't even hold the car for us knowing that I will take it that night. I had an angry wife and hungry baby beside me, then the dealer plays the usual tricks on making us wait some more, when it's finally the time for us to get in, we took out our laptops already and were working in their kid's room. The car was ready to inspect after an hour, so we packed up our laptops and ready to see the car, it took about a minute with the kid and all, and Anita rolled her eyes like she had been waiting for us for ages. The car has a ripped leather that was promised me to be fixed by Christie, but when we saw the car, of course it wasn't fixed. Anita promised me it was going to be fix in 5 minutes, guess what, since the car shop was closed then, we had to pick it up the next day. The manager (EpDan?) played the good cop bad cop on us, but the already agreed on price, not happening... We had to argue some more (already 9:15) and he finally backed down to the previously agreed on price, then we thought it was over, he promised us in and out in 5 minutes so we waited... We left @ 10:15pm that night, with all the paperwork, but no car (in the shop, promised to be delivered to us the next day) So next day, no car neither, why? Their mechanic are not good enough for a simple fix and they had to call in an expert. 3rd day, the car came in. I took it, think I am a happy man now? The CD changer was broken and I called and called, no one is returning my call. No Christie, no EpDan, no Anita. After they took my money it's aidios my friend. After all that said and done, I will never go through this dealer again in my life. I advice you to do the same or you will be writng it up on yelp as well.

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