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Bait and Switch fraud trick by Gorge Sales Manager

Written by swatisri1 on 03/23/13 01:11:38 PM PDT Go back to Sales reviews
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We had the worst experience this time.. Although we don't have any issues with the new car, the whole process of buying it from Dublin Toyota has been an ordeal. I dont think I'll ever come back... our tale of woes is a long one. Our preowned Toyota Corolla 2010 which was purchased in Dublin toyota around 2 yrs ago suffered a few damages from a minor collision last week and we brought it down to Dublin Toyota, because unfortunately we didnt have collision coverage and we trusted them to help us. They sent it to B and S Auto body service shop, with whom they deal internally and B&S called us to say that they estimated the damages would cost $6000 to fix. We checked on KBB site and if we fixed our car, the fair price for it was $8500. We came to Dublin Toyota to talk to Jojo (Joseph S.) about trading it in. He checked all the information and offered us $3000 if we went with a new Toyota Corolla 2013, which we accepted as it sounded like a good deal to us. We were taken to the finance department after a 30-45 minute wait. The manager was talking to B&S, as they were saying that $6000 was just an estimate and the cost of fixing our car was higher than that, we were told. So we waited anxiously, only to be told that all was well and the deal would remain the same. We were happy, we signed the release of the old car, bought the new one and drove away. All was well, we thought. But the next day, B&S Auto shop guy Mr S. called us and informed that the actual cost was $9000. We told him we had released the car to Dublin Toyota, so he should call there. He says the manager might give us a call to resolve this issue. We were surprised, didn't they tell us just the previous day that the issue was all resolved, and signed us up with the new car? Sure enough, the manager from Dublin toyota called the next day. He told us that the contract was void as the car was now totaled! We had only one option now, to buy the car at full price and take back our damaged car and deal with it ourselves! I felt like there was something not right here. Didnt he know that the car would be totaled on the day this deal was offered to us? He did talk to B&S before we signed! Why would he wait untill we signed the deal and then tell us that? When we went to talk to him the next day, he said that B&S had told them too that the cost was $6000 when he called them and thats why he'd offered us the deal. he refused to give us time to think, as he said we were in the wrong side for trading in a totaled car and legally, it would be a huge problem as he was considering the contract was void. We could not cancel the whole deal as we had driven the new car for 3 days and it was now a used car and our only option was to purcahse it full price and sign a new contract. We felt so cornered, especially since he told us to sign the deal immidiately, he couldn't even wait till the morning or leave our new car at the dealership if we didnt sign the new contract and wait for the next legal action! Legal action? Our only fault was that we trusted them and purchased a car from them!! We did not hide any information, we had told them exactly what B&S had informed us, and moreover B&S was someone they dealt internally, wouldn't they know if the car would cost more and the deal wouldn't work? It was all a ploy to sell us the car, it seemed like. After we unhappily signed the new contract I researched the net and found that this was a very old trick called "Bait and Switch", where the car dealer knows that the deal would be void and he would switch it after the buyer would take the bait and sign... The manager was right, we were at fault. We didnt research enough before buying and trusted them completely. The irony of it all is, we'd have gone with the new car on that day even if we were told the truth that our car would be totaled. We trusted Jojo, whom we'd dealt with before, and knew that he'd understand and offer us something we'd like. The manager "George" or whatever his name is, didnt have to do the "Bait and Switch" with us, especially with that drama of asking us take all our stuff out of the new car and hand over the keys because we didnt sign the new contract then and there at 9 pm in the night. On top of it, he told me that B&S would charge us nothing as they hadn't performed any repairs.. They charged us $400 for keeping the car with them for 7 days! The feeling of being cheated on and lied to.. I guess one has to experiance it to know it. To conclude, my wife still likes Joseph S. and wanted to talk to him about this whole thing, but forgive me for lacking the time or patience. He might be a good man, but the same cant be said about people like "George". My friend just purchased the same model car, same edition from Sunnywale Toyota for $18500 (On road price, including tax) I guess I'll take my business to them next time.

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