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Complete and utter lies and then threats.

Written by disgrunt2013 on 03/22/13 09:18:17 AM PDT Go back to Service reviews
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My story starts out with 5 stars like everyone else, then quickly deteriorates into zero stars, or negative stars if I could. I purchased a "Certified Pre-owned" Mini in May of 2008. During the entire purchase I was assured that the car came with a 6 year, 100k warranty. Up and down, left and right, this term was used. On top of it, I purchased an additional, point of sale, 6 year, 100k mile "Service Contract". What BMW calls a "Ultimate Service Contract". My paperwork for this contract states clearly 72 months, 100k miles. An additional form was signed by all parties, which had no expiration date, just the date purchased, the length (72 months) and the price ($1795). Fast forward to January 2013. Less than 55 months after signing my contract, my engine blew. My Mini currently has 37,500 miles on it. The service technician almost seemed quite pleased to let me know that BOTH my warranty and my service contract were expired. It seems the 6 year warranty was pinned to the original purchase date of the car, a date that I have no relation too, nor would I have ever known if I hadn't pulled out my contract and see it buried in the vast amount of paperwork. I feel it was a very calculated and shrewd sales tactic to sell me a car with a 6 year warranty, and obscure the fact that it in fact was actually a 4.5 year warranty. Nobody every told me a warranty end date, I was never informed when I had my car serviced. The end date listed on all my recipets for service was the original warranty 4 year end date (Nov 2010), and never my certified pre-owned 6 year extended warranty date (which I learned was Nov 2012). On top of this, I had purchased a service contract, which I have no documentation was pinned to the original vehicle sale date, EVER. Unlike the '6 year warranty" this service contract was sold to me as a 72 month plan, which I paid for as a separate contract. At no time during the purchase, after the purchase, during any subsequent dealer visits, nor at any date before the warranties were set to expire was I ever informed of the dates. It was a dirty little secret that I feel all dealers and Mini Cooper purposely do to make sure they expire with minimal cost and effort on their part. Besides my engine failing at 37500 miles, and both Mini and this dealer shrugging their shoulders and saying tough luck sucker, they found approximately $2000 worth of additional suspension and engine problems that were persisting for a while, and were not viewed or addressed when I had my car last serviced, 6 months before the expiration of the warranties. Seems convenient that now I know all this work needs to be performed, after I am responsible to pay for it. Besides the attitude I got from day one, when I brought my valuable asset in for repair, i got nothing but aggressive phone calls and threats about charging me storage for a car I was deciding how to take care of. It took a few weeks to contact both Mini Cooper Corporate and my insurance company to see who could cover the damage to my engine, and what offer Mini Cooper could do for a valuable customer, considering what had happened. During this negotiation period I was called every 3 days for 4 weeks with threats that my car would start accumulating storage fees if it wasn't taken care of. In the end, the dealer quit cooperating with the insurance company out of fear that they would reveal that the engine damage was caused by a manufactures problem. Knowing it was out of warranty, they didn't want to risk this, and simply threatened to charge for storage fees. I towed the car, leaving Mini of Concord, and their suspect sales tactics, and poor customer service in the dust. They only care about you as long as it generates revenue. Additionally, they threaten and pester, and when I did arrive to pick up my vehicle, it was parked under a sappy tree for a month, which likely has ruined the clear coat. The vehicle was alone in the back lot, with ample space for many other vehicles, but concerning the threats that I received to have it removed, you would think it was taking up space, but it wasn't. I was the one taking up space. On to the next sucker. Never again, and I urge you to move on and do the same.

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