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Written by a2pak7 on 03/09/10 12:00:00 AM PST Go back to Sales reviews
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On February 20th, 2010, in a response to an advertisement for a vehicle, I found myself at Serramonte Nissan in Daly City, California. The process of purchasing a used car seemed to have been progressing smoothly and I decided to leave a $2500 down payment on the car and had been promised an expedited response from the finance (or should I say Lienance) department regarding my loan approval and requests for any information that could be of use. I waited for two days before I had to call back to find out where in this process I stood. My questions had not only been poorly answered, they were thoroughly deceitful. I had begun to suspect that this dealership is built not on pillars of great customer service but three very different ones. These would be a disregard for their customer's intelligence, a disregard for their customer's money, and a disregard for their customer's time. I had given them the benefit of the doubt when it came to handling the financial terms and the pending approval of my loan. I even had a cosigner whose credit rating is impeccable and the dealerships credit manager had already admitted to its superior ranking. With a good chunk of money down and a great cosigner, I believed the finalization of the agreement was imminent. In the days to come, I received no phone calls after explicitly requesting, after each call I placed, to be informed on the situation. I left messages with salespeople and the finance department directly only to be promised a call back which was never materialized. The complete disregard for my time was astonishing. The employees seemed to be more comfortable beating around the bush than with answering my direct questions as to what was needed from me or my co-signer so we could try to finalize the deal. They had claimed that my $2500 deposit had not been made effective, which of course turned out to be a blatant lie since I checked the day (February 20th) to see if the down payment had been removed from my account which it had. The financial director whom I had been dealing with directly had been utterly insensitive to the customer's needs and ignorant with regard to this deal. He had taken a week off of work and had not let me know that no one would be working on anything during his absence. Finally, after calling several times and 3 days of sheer stonewalling by the staff I found out he was not going to be back at work until the following Monday. A clear lack of respect and disregard not only for my money (which could have been gaining interest in my account) but my time as well. Later they requested more documents be provided. I asked my cosigner to provide these documents. He complied immediately Yet, after sending them all the additional documents they requested, I waited three more days with no news before being forced to call them back. At that point, I was told that my loan was not approved and they had known this for two days without informing me. The fact that the loan was not approved isn't what irks me; it's the lack of respect I felt by not being informed two days earlier. Does the consumer not deserve to be privy to this information? Had it been their funds that had been frozen in some account would they not want to know sooner than later? The employees seemed to be passing blame back and forth between themselves That conversation was three days ago and I have yet to speak with the financial director after letting the salesman know of my disappointment with his business ethics. Nor has anyone from the dealership expressed any remorse about this situation or put in a minimal effort to try and at least explain it away as a rare failure. They simply could care less! I would love to know if this company is recurrent in this attitude and in its treatment of client. Why do they do this? How is it that they can go on treating consumers as fools? The only answer I can come up with is that they are more concerned about grabbing the client's money, wasting his or

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