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Terrible customer service

Written by byasar on 05/30/13 10:30:58 PM PDT Go back to Sales reviews
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Worst experience ever! I have not dealt with a group of people this unprofessional, rude and condescending ever in my life. Since CarMax advertises their speedy service and friendly customer service all the time, my 8-month pregnant wife and I decided to go to the Burbank store to get our SUV appraised to get an idea about what it is worth at CarMax. We chose to go on a Thursday after lunchtime so that we did not hit the busy weekend traffic of the store. Here is how lovely our experience was: 12:45 we enter the store, there are a few people around. We asked an employee for help getting an appraisal and he directed us to the reception area. (So far so good) 12:50 after waiting behind a man who had to wait for the check-in clerk to finish his phone conversation (non-work related) I was able to ask him for help getting an appraisal. The receptionist informed me that I would have to give him my first name and cell phone number and that I would be called in a FEW minutes, which I provided. Now I am not an expert in time keeping a but a few minutes to me means under 15 minutes otherwise it is a half hour wait but I digress. I told the receptionist that I was there with my 8-month pregnant wife and he assured me they would take care of us shortly. 13:05 no call, wife went to the bathroom and we walked to the cashier area for water and a snack. I get my first phone call, business related from the offices. 13:20 no call, I went to the reception area and the receptionist rudely told me there were people ahead of me and that they would get to me when they did. 13:35 no call, we moved from the side room to the showroom so see if the line was moving. We observed several parties that came after us being helped. 13:50 no call, I went to the reception area again while my wife had to go to the bathroom again. I was told there were 12 people in front of us when we came and now it was only four. When I tried to say we have been waiting for 90 mins, the receptionist corrected me in a condescending tone and said no it has been 67 mins. Once again terrible customer service and apparently a few minutes in CarMax time means 67 minutes at least for now. 14:05 we watched about half a dozen people get assistance, no call or any interest in what we are doing there sitting by the job application computer desk. 14:20 no call, I realized that the last few groups that have been helped arrived 1 hour after us. My wife had to go to the bathroom again and she started expressing discomfort from having to sit on high bar stools. I get my second and third phone call from the office. 14:35 no call, I went to the receptionist and I was told to wait, we were next. 14:50 no call, 2 more parties are taken after my last interaction when I went to the receptionist to ask what is going on I was told that they had called us but we had not answered so they had skipped our turn. When I explained to the receptionist that it was not true, he calls me a liar by saying, "sir, we called you, if you had answered you wouldn't have lost your turn. Now you have to get back in line and there are 2 parties ahead of you". I politely asked what number she had in the system for me; she responded "I do not know the system must have deleted it" Therefore, not only I was called a liar but also the employees of CarMax are trained to cover up their own mistakes by lying as well, terrible customer service. I wanted to give CarMax an opportunity to fix this and I told the receptionist I needed to talk to a manager thinking they are going to jump on this opportunity to fix things and show the other employees how customer services should be. The manager comes, asks what the problem is, I explain. He proceed to take the same condescending tone with me that the employee took and tells me if I had answered my phone I wouldn't have lost my spot. I show him my phone with full reception and three calls that came through while they were supposedly trying to reach me. I ask him if he is going to help us and he tells me I am back in the queue and I have to wait until it is my turn. My wife is tired and hungry. I am extremely disappointed by being lied to, insulted and having wasted 2+ hours of my life at the mercy of [non-permissible content removed] who could not even give me an appraisal in this time and have no concern for customer service. We leave to go to Home Depot next door for a few items. (It gets better now) 15:05 phone rings. CarMax employee: "hey Brad is you in the lot because I can help you now" me: "No, we left your coworkers were rude and unprofessional and you guys made us wait there for 2.5h." CarMax employee: "oh, ok sorry I guess!" 15:20 phone rings. CarMax imbecile manager: "Brad where you at? We can look at your car now". Me: "No, Thank You! Please stop calling me. We left because you and your employees are rude, disrespectful and [non-permissible content removed]!" I hang up again. Once again, from top to the bottom CarMax employees that we dealt with were incompetent, unprofessional and rude!!

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