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Written by mijamu on 10/14/08 12:00:00 AM PDT Go back to Service reviews
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The driver's door on my 2003 Sentra would not open from the inside, so i dropped it off at this dealership (#1). Several hours later, they called and said the door lock assembly was broken and needed to be replaced. When the service tech quoted the price ($45 part + $225 labor), i balked, saying "that seems a little high for labor". He said come in and "I'll see what i can do", indicating that they would work with me on the price. When i got there, they assured me, they could not lower the price because "the book tells us what to charge, and we have to go by the book". He never showed me "the book". I decided to shop around, so they charged me $70 for the diagnosis and I left and called the next closest Nissan dealership (Dealer #2, next town over, where I had bought the car 5 years ago). The first thing dealer #2 service dept. said was "sometimes, the latch handle comes disconnected inside the door. If you bring it in, we might be able to fix it with no parts". I told them, because i had already paid $70 for a diagnosis, i would go ahead and buy the part and have them install it. They quoted me $45 for the part + $140 labor. When the part arrived, my wife took the car to dealer #2 to have it installed. They took the door apart and then realized Nissan had sent a handle assembly for a Maxima instead of a Sentra. They apologized because it was their (or Nissan's) mistake and told her they would re-order the correct part and call when it arrived. However, after re-assembling the door, the handle started working! Dealer #2 was very nice about the situation. They did not charge for any of the work, because of the mistake. They also gave my wife a written report of what happened so we could take it back to dealer #1 for an explanation. I took the now fully functional car with report back to dealer #1. My expectations were low. I wanted to make them aware that they had misdiagnosed the problem. It could have been an honest mistake or maybe they intentionally left the door broken so they could make a killing on labor, or they might have never even looked at the door in the first place and simply diagnosed based on my initial description of the problem (i have no way of knowing). Either way, they charged me $70 to tell me i needed a (relatively) expensive repair when simply re-attaching a latch would have fixed it. When i showed them working door handle, and the explanation from dealer #2, they started their dance. Their first response was "how do we know the other dealership didn't install a new handle?" then it was "even if the door opens now, the part could still break at any time." They would not admit their diagnosis was wrong and insisted the door was still broken (even though i was standing right there, opening and closing it.) He (the service manager) said, "even if my tech missed something, i still have to pay him for his time. You would still have to pay a doctor for a misdiagnosis". Finally, the service manager said he would check into the situation. He said he would call the other dealership to determine what they did to the car. As i left, he said "I'll see what i can do". I knew this meant he would forget about me as soon as i left his sight. I was right. I haven't heard back from him since. I am not unhappy about the situation (because my door opens, that's all that matters). Basically, i learned a $70 lesson. I hope this will help someone else in a similar situation. Don't trust Landers McLarty Nissan for ANYTHING. I will not use them for any service in the future. I will gladly drive to the next town for a service department i can trust.

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I purchased a Nissan Rogue from this dealership 6 months ago. The Rogue, purchased new, has had a plethora of problems; unfortunately, this dealership seems incapable of fixing them. I would not recommend this dealership for a purchase or service of any vehicle. I am extremely disappointed in the service.

  • By lsandusky
  • on 02/06/2011
  • 08:00:17 AM PST