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Landers McLarty Ford Service Reviews

  • 2609 S Walton Blvd
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Landers McLarty Will Rip You Off

Written by landerssucks on 05/14/11 02:46:24 PM PDT Go back to Service reviews
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Landers McLarty Ford, Bentonville, AR, home of the 100,000 mile warranty! I am so sore, I can't WALK! I am a Ford person from my first vehicle (16 Fords ago) and these guys are giving Ford a great name (sarcasm). My warranty was rendered null and void due to missing TIRE ROTATIONS at this dealer. Let me give you some background. Their 100K mile warranty was their biggest selling point at the time of sell. After the sell, I had just purchased NEW tires one morning (pealed the stickers off on said morning) and took it in for service the same afternoon. The customer service department said I needed a tire rotation due to TREAD WEAR! Once I caught them in the lie, the service tech told me he was sorry and the warranty was not dependent on tire rotations as much as it was the servicing (oil changes and 21 point inspections). I was not going to pay them for a tire rotation, on brand new tires, after they outright lied to me to gain more service charges. Eleven services (oil changes, 21 point inspections, transmissions services and radiator flushes) later, the rear end (drive train) went out on the truck and now it is a completely different story. It is all about the four corners of the contract now. My differential went out due to TREAD WEAR! No, I am not kidding. The service manager even said, tread wear does not have anything to do with your differential going out. They just missed out on the service charges with no acknowledgement of the service tech lies. Get it in gear, Ford. Pick your dealers better or lose my business for life, along with seven members of my family who buy a Ford every three years. You are right. Your customer is in the wrong and you have no responsibility to make them happy. I am buying my wife a new vehicle this month. It will be the first non-Ford I have ever purchased, and for CASH in this economy. Ford is now dead to me for enabling this dealer. If you would like to be treated with respect as a customer, find ANY car dealer and manufacturer, other than this sh!thole. They use Home of the 100K mile warranty as a selling point and never intend on standing by a single word of it. Call them [violative content deleted] and see if they do not answer the phone with that [violative content deleted] greeting (Home of the 100K mile warranty!). [violative content deleted], Landers McLarty Ford. I am so glad I could help you out with the bailout money I had no choice but to give you the last couple of years. Good luck on any more sales or service revenue from my family, friends, acquaintances, blog readers or researching consumers within earshot of my yapper! UPDATE TO THE STORY: I received a call from the service manager at Landers McLarty Ford this morning. Turns out, after having my truck sitting in their lot for 6 full days, the parts finally came in. You guessed it, they ordered the wrong parts. The manager said that it will be another 3 days before they could have it finished. 9 full days of having my vehicle and no guarantee they would have it finished in 9 FULL DAYS! You can not make this up. I asked the service manager how this could happen and he said it was not unusual and this type of thing happens ALL OF THE TIME! Also, the service person who took the truck had to go home the first day I brought it in because he was a very sick man. HUH? You mean 5 days ago? I immediately called a towing service and had them take it to a garage in the adjoining town. The new garage told me it would take one day to get the parts and about 1.5 hours to make the repair. They also said they suspect that Landers McLarty let the differential run out of fluid from their multiple services but he would let me know more once they have it on the rack. I have no idea what I received when paying them for every service and 21 point inspection. My differential was never mentioned before going out. The story continues.

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