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  • 29736 Frederick Blvd
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Should Be Illegal

Written by kurt301 on 05/21/11 01:13:45 AM PDT Go back to Sales reviews
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Ok friends this one is painful from the get go. The only reason I am giving it one star is that its likely you will get a free lunch but I promise the next guy is paying for it LOL Sales Associate: Andrew D. Sales Manager : Mostafa A. This dealership pulled out every single sneaky underhanded salesmen's trick right from the book. My trade in a 2002 Nissan Pathfinder KBB value, $5500 (which they valued at $4100 btw and later the "pitch" was he could only get $3800 for it at auction) and the funny thing is I had it on craigslist for 6k and already turned down an offer of $5500 once but I was tired of trying to sell it so I was good with trading it in at $5500 just to get it overwith. Ironically and quite humorous when I pointed out that the dealer ship right across the street from them had one for sale same year but a platinum edition with a sticker price of $10,999 I took pictures of it with my cell phone on the way back from lunch and showed them. The salesmens face got red and he said um well they are selling that for to much. I think this dealership was also owned by them by the way, so I had to simply laugh at this point. The backdrop: I walked in the door looking at a 2004 Honda element the list price $11400, a difference of 7K between my car and thiers. Now here is where I had to ask, since the trade in value of thier Honda Element was $8,500 and mine was $5500, why am I financing 7k when the difference in value is only 3k in the first place. So right off the bat they stand to make atleast 4k from me. Inspection of thier car revealed a slight oil leak, the serpentine belt had not been changed at interval, cruise control indicator not working and a few other less serious trivial items. After low balling my trade by $1500 I wasnt good with this as my payment was going to be over what I told them I wanted. So they made me wait 45 min while they "came up with a better deal" Finally I told them I was going to lunch and they were pretty insistant that I not leave and even said they would have lunch delivered persistently but I made my intent quite clear. I left anyway and told them to call me once they got my terms worked out those terms being a payment of no more than $250 (although I was willing to $300 because my budget would technically allow for it) for two years so thats $6000 on top of my $5500 dollar trade. For a car valued at only $3000 more than mine. My term was now $11,500 on a car that listed for $11,400 and im ok with this and still ok with increasing my payment a bit to cover tax tags and title, but no. After this they call and tell me everything looks good we just need to go sign the paper work. Ok what paper work are we doing? they said the finance paperwork and I said what are the terms. They said everything looks great we got your payment to below $250 a month and I said great for how long and they said three years at which time I said that is unacceptable. and they said why its only 48 months LOL. So they tried to extend it 4 years but pass it off as three when I asked for two. yes it was quite a blitzcreg of confusion. After all was said and done if we do the math and even give them the benefit of a bonus for the sake of round numbers. $200 a month over a 4 year term comes to $9600 and then my should have been trade in value of $5500 brings my total to......$15100 on a car that listed for $11,400 again lets do some math. The cost of a new honda element? MSRP $20,500 minus my trade in $5500 total $15,000. Do you see it? can you imagine buying a 7 year old car with 70k miles on it for a hundred dollars more than what you can buy a brand new one for? I guess you cant blame them, thier preffered customer is obviously someone who never opened a math book but seriously how dumb can the average person be that walks into thier show room? Needless to say they tried every sneaky underhanded salesmen's trick in the book and I had to put a serious stop to them all and do my homework at every "good deal" thrown at me. So please take your business elsewhere and dont keep these [violative content deleted] open that are are only looking to [violative content deleted] your wallet.

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