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april fools day don't go here or you will be fooled

Written by kmaddox on 02/28/11 03:13:56 AM PST Go back to Sales reviews
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i have made alot of mistakes in my life but one of the biggest i've ever made was buying a vehicle from this dealership. i felt like i had really done my homework on this rhd wrangler jeep 4x4 sport(inline 4.0 engine) i purchased from them. thought it was a well thought out smart decision. going to make my life easier and my job more securer. thought the vehicle would be reliable and durable and dependaple. boy was i fooled. it became the nightmare purchase. lemon doesn't even describe the vehicle i bought. i have bought many a vehicle in my life, both, new and used, but, this was the worst experience i've ever had in my life. i had became a full time mail carrier in dec 2009 and we have to provide our own transportation for the rural mail routes we have. mine is an 80 mile route on the warrior river in quinton alabama. i live in cordova alabama. i drove to daphne to buy this 2006 rhd wrangler 4x4 sport utility vehicle. looked great had a great carfax and high score. thought it would be a very wise investment and save me alot of worry and repair bills. the usps even gives $1000 incentives to purchase these rhd manufactured jeeps. within 2 months i found out how wrong of a decision it was. if my post master hadn't of been understanding & supportive of me buying/dealing with this vehicle, i could of very well have lost my job. due to the poor service and constant failures of the vehicle, it's a wonder the mail got delivered many of those days. thank god for buicks! i had found this jeep through the internet on an ebay advertisement and i sent an email directly to the dealership to buy it dirctly through them. they bent over backwards to sale this vehicle to me. i purchased it through the atlanta postal credit union which i had just joined. so, i couldn't just tow the vehicle back to them and drop it back off to them or i would have. before i drove the vehicle off the lot i noticed the ac switch only operated on high speed. this was one of the main request i had for them was to make sure the ac was performing perfectly. so, instead of going to the beach in gulf shores, my family got to wait for several hours, most of the day, waiting for this to be repaired. they couldn't get me a new switch that day ordered, so, one of the guys from the service department was nice enough to take the switch off his own personal vehicle to get us out of there. one month after i bought the vehicle the switch went completely out again. i had no ac or heat on vehicle for the duration of the time i used the vehicle because they couldn't get me a switch because it was on back order. and let me tell u it was an extremely hot summer!!! from may thru august 13th i had no ac in this vehicle. if that wasn't enough the transmission fell out on friday the 13th in august on my way to work. i had to have it towed twice before that. the gear shifter cable broke onced on the route. and the jeep ran hot almost the entire time i had it. i feel certain that contributed to the transmission tearing up as well. the battery failed me one morning to work so i replaced that. and i had to replace brakes after 2nd month. so, i actually drove the vehicle with all the above happening to me in a 4 month period from april 1st 2010 thru august 13th 2010(friday the 13th). i put under 6000 miles on it, driving a 80 mile route and 30 miles back and fourth home. i paid a friend the weekend before the transmission fell out to flush the radiator and replaced the thermostat and water pump to see if it would stop over heating. the jeep would get so hot during the route, i would have to stop running the mail route and drive it down the highway at high speeds to cool the engine down. it would overheat so bad i had to take leather gloves with me to raise the hood. i know i tried everything i knew to keep it from running hot with no prevail. i had called the salesperson jerell simon many times complaining to him and fussing about the jeep. we had talked about trading for another vehicle but he was going to make me loose several thousands 2 months after i bought it there. it tore up before i could go down there. trying to get some help with it. i paid for it with a check from my credit union and that was the end of that. it was mine and my problem. he told me i should have bought an extended warranty on the vehicle. but the truth be known they can't sale an extended warranty to a person who uses the vehicle for mail delivery and i feel certain i would of been taken on that as well. he told me that if i had of purchased one from them then they would of helped me. i told him they should stand behind what they sell. they told me i could have the vehicle towed several hundred miles back to their dealerhip and the service department would repair it for me at my expense of course. like i would give them another penny of my money plus my insurance would not pay the towing that far. the sales manager, finally, agreed to pay for half of the parts and labor, if i would tow it to them. after making numerous calls and complaints it was still going to cost me more to do that for their sevice cost and hauling the jeep to them and leaving it and my transportation back and then going back to get it again than it would for me to rebuild the transmission locally. i decided to wait for the past 6 months before repairing it due to the expense and the aggravation i had went thru with this jeep. it had about depressed me to no end. i now have finally put the jeep in the shop, 6 months later and i will be getting the jeep from the transmission shop and then i will have to take it to another mechanic and have the ac switch put back in it again and also, i guess i will have an additional fan added to the engine to see if it will keep the engine from overheating. i have so much money tied up in this jeep i hate it. i hate jeeps now. surely all of the rhd jeeps for mail carriers couldn't be like this one has been. well, hopefully after several thousand dollars worth of repairs later i may have a decent vehicle. you think? jeep stands for just empty each pocket. i do not reccomend you doing business with chris myers and as far as a jeep goes buy a new one under warranty cause you will need it !!!!!!!

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