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Engine light on , Engine or electrical Problems

bingonut15, 08/21/2011
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I had so many problems with this since I bought it 2007 used from a Dealer that I thought I coud trust but I was wrong. He sold me a lemon. Bought hub bearings three times, struts, tie rods, crankshaft, crankshaft sensors, camshaft sensors and much more. Two weeks ago, I was have problems when I drove the car home the check engine came on and the car was jerking when I got up to 60 miles per hour. I went to Advance auto',test it out and they said needed a camshaft, so I bought it .installed it ,was still jerking. Then I took it to Midas to test it and it was the crankshaft sensor,got one, installed it still jerking. Brought to Chrysler test it, said Powertrain Module and

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Chrysler Sebrings: The rich people's car.

jen_love, 03/03/2012
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I have 2005, when I first got it I was so happy. It feels luxurious. I thought it was the closest thing to a fancy car I was going to get being a student and low income. It has been nothing but a nightmare. To replace the battery, you have to remove the front wheel. To replace spark plugs you have to remove the upper plenum and intake. I haven't even gotten into whatever else I will have to do. But let me say, it is expensive to do the smallest thing with this car and I am poor! If you have money to drop 100, 200, 300 for every little thing - this is the car for you. If not, then don't buy it. I know I wish I never had.

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This Car is Maintenance Free

ChrisBrig, 06/04/2009
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I purchased my Sebring in May of 2006, and I have changed the oil religously, added new tires, and had the brakes serviced. That is it. I have not had any service issues, and this car has never left me stranded on the side of the road. This car is reliable.

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Great car for awhile

Brandy, 10/07/2010
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Bought my Sebring used in 2007. Only problems until now were with rotors needing turning often and the rear spoiler coming off. Recently the front crank seal blew out causing a severe oil leak. Had it fixed and it happened again within minutes. Discovered that there is a problem with this motor having crank shaft end play which causes the front crank seal to come out. There is a bulletin on this problem, but no recall. Currently awaiting Chrysler's response to see if they will take any responsibility since this is obviously a manufacturer defect since it has happened to so many of the 2005 motors.

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Best car I have ever owned

jcuel, 03/20/2012
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I have owned my 2005 Sebring Limited since 2008 and its been the best car. I bought the extended warranty but never used it once. The only thing I had to do on it was the back end work which was costly and a heat shield fix. I sometimes think I would like to get a new car but I think why when its been so good to me. The leather seats are comfy and get better with age. To be honest I was shocked by the bad reviews, maybe its because I have the limited but I haven't even had to replace the brakes yet and I have driven 50K on it over the past 4 years.

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