GM Explains How the Volt Deals With Old Fuel - 2011 Chevrolet Volt Long-Term Road Test

2011 Chevy Volt: GM Explains How the Volt Deals With Old Fuel

March 11, 2011

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One of the most common questions on the 2011 Chevy Volt is, "How does it deal with stale fuel if someone drives mostly in EV mode?" And it was a question even GM asked as they were developing it -- gas doesn't like sitting around for a year or so and that's a real possibility with the Volt.

Well, GM has made a video answer. Essentially, there's a fully-sealed fuel system that is vented upon customer activation (there may be a warning light) and two maintenance modes to burn off contaminants and calculates fuel age for controlled burnoffs.

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Mike Magrath, Associate Editor, Inside Line

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