Electric Car Meets Electric Karts - 2011 Chevrolet Volt Long-Term Road Test

2011 Chevrolet Volt Long Term Road Test

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2011 Chevy Volt: Electric Car Meets Electric Karts

October 13, 2011

Pole Position.jpg

During the oh-so-grueling city driving loop of the Fuel-Sipper Smackdown, we took a break from being frugal with our accelerator pedals and decided to blow off a little pent-up car guy energy by putting our feet to the floor -- or rather a little metal panel.

Pole Position Raceway is an electric go kart track located just across the street from the Palms that we previously hit up a few months ago. Sadly, we did not hit it up (nor did we know it existed) when we actually stayed at the Palms for Fuel-Sipper 3. Oh well.

Like the Volt, the electric karts are noteworthy for their right-now electric torque. As such, they are a lot more forgiving when you lose momentum (it's like the difference between Yoshi and Donkey Kong in Mario Kart). They're also less apt to give you a headache from exhaust fumes.

Follow the jump for a video of our excursion and our results.

Picture Snapper Kurt Niebuhr
Best Lap: 25.43 AVG: 30.30 Gap: 0

Automotive Editor Mark Takahashi
Best Lap: 25.90 AVG: 30.56 Gap: 0.48

Automotive Editor John DiPietro
Best Lap: 25.94 AVG: 30.85 Gap: 0.52

Automotive Editor James Riswick
Best Lap: 26.10 AVG: 31.01 Gap: 0.68

Video Shooting Guy John Adolph
Best Lap: 26.97 AVG: 33.31 Gap: 1.55

Automotive Content Editor Warren Clarke
Best Lap: 27.39 AVG: 36.13 Gap: 1.97

Consumer Advice Associate Ron Montoya
Best Lap: 28.33 AVG: 34.24 Gap: 2.91

To no one's surprise, Kurt took this one. As you'll see from our Forza 4 leaderboard, get used to seeing him on top. Mark had a strong showing and Johnnie D did a great job considering he hadn't been karting in years. I struggled with grip, quickly realizing in turn 2 that the Pole Position Karts are a lot more apt to break loose than those at K1 here in Los Angeles. John Adolph's kart has the camera attached and right in front of him is Warren Clarke, whose average was severely hurt by a crash that put the race on yellow for 2 laps. It also raised our lap averages into the 30s. Ron Montoya apparently thought we were still fuel sipping.

Hopefully we'll get back to Pole Position sometime soon. There's a lot to do in Vegas, but I'd much rather do laps there than burn my money at a table. Maybe that's just me.

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James Riswick, Automotive Editor

Pole Position 2.jpg

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