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Did its job

skinnyp, 08/11/2014
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Got this car in '07 with 20,000 miles. Besides replacing the head gasket this car has been relatively problem free. It had piston slap since 80,000 miles but it never seemed to do anything besides make noise. It lasted until last fall when at 205,000 some things finally started breaking. I could still get 32 mpg highway driving at 200,000 miles. The common AC problem can easily be fixed if you search it on Youtube. Once I got rid of this malibu I went I got an '02. Overall I'm satisfied with vehicle it did its job.

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I Will Miss This Car

Warren P, 02/21/2009
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I have had my 2001 Chevy Malibu for almost 8 years now and have never had a problem with it. It's comfortable to drive, smooth ride, great lumbar support. My wife bought a new Altima and sold it a year later because we both had backaches after driving it for more than 30 minutes. I have to get a larger car (SUV) for work purposes but I will miss this car. I think Chevy has an unjustified bad reputation compared to Honda and Toyota - this car has treated me very well for 8 years!

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Don't buy it!

juan_david, 03/25/2014
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Worst first car ever!, I got the Malibu 2001 on 2003, the breaks went bad, then the ac randomly tuned off, then the AC didn’t work, then the ABS went wrong, then the wheels covers did a squeaky sound on the road... then the RPM stayed at 3,000 randomly, the tail lights filled with water every time it rains, the car got foggy on cold weather when the defroster went on. The steering wheel started to disintegrate on my hands… the car lasted 5 years with me… I switched to Nissan Rouge on 2008, and now I own other Nissan, a Murano

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Nice design but poor reliability

Phil, 02/24/2007
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I really enjoy driving this car, but the reliability has been very poor. This year/model apparently has a very poor brake design. The car's brakes had to be replaced 4 times in 64000 miles (including new rotors on 3 occasions). Other reviews describe the brake problems in more detiail. Have also had numerous problems with the engine including a bad head- gasket, thermostat, and other random issues. Have also had problems with the AC switch, the blinkers, and the windshield wipers. Despite the comfort of the car the reliability makes this car a real bummer.

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Best used car I'v had

jstanthrguy, 01/04/2011
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I got my 01 Malibu 2 years ago with only 45,000 miles on it and havnt had any big issues with it other than my AC / heater going out at 80k miles but that was a $30 fix that took me a year to do. My lighter outles have gone out and the engine keeps doing a tugging issue but I'm sure its the area I live in. Other than that just normal wear. I will say they don't do so well on climate change though. I brought it from NE winters to California summers and hit a speed bump and cracked a tie rod but that was $6 to fix. Now at 110k its in perfect condition. I love it.

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