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Chevy building good cars again.

teachweber, 10/22/2011
SS 4dr Wagon (2.0L 4cyl Turbo 5M)
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A solid, tight car/truckette. Handling better than my MiniCooper S except for turning radius but then that should be obvious. My fuel mileage hovers around 28/29 mpg while my little truckette is faster than most V-8s I owned nothing but Chevy's until I was 35 years old. Then strayed for 20 years. Back again with this great little truck. Love retro and this vehicle is true to that while being very reliable.

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I love my car and you will too!

Jumpinghorse210, 11/08/2015
Panel LT 4dr Wagon (2.2L 4cyl 5M)
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Don't be fooled by all the negative reviews about the HHR, I would say this has a lot to do with voluntary response. A few people had such a terrible time with this car that they felt compelled to respond. This doesn't happen often when people have a positive reaction to something (go figure). My HHR was the first new-ish car I had ever purchased. I got an excellent deal at the dealership; a silver 2010 Chevy HHR LT 2.4L with 35k miles for $11,500 in Dec of 2012. I got the 1 year 100k warranty along with it. After driving in a 1988 Chevy Celebrity for two years it was like a dream. During my first few months there was a recall for my power steering motor and I just took it over to the dealership and had it fixed in a couple hours. Easy-peasy. I'll talk about the negatives first to get them out of the way. Firstly, it does have very big blindspots. I did have to purchase those additional circular mirrors you put in the corner of your side-view mirrors for some additional help merging and parking. The view out of the front is very square and small, not like a normal 4-door sedan where the windshield is rather large. Something you have to get used to and is not for everyone. Again, I'm very small so the small windshield doesn't bother me. The one feature I always wished it had was a USB for my IPhone. It would be cool to be able to charge my phone AND play my music simultaneously but honestly the auxiliary port has been a perfectly good substitute. I would say considering the kind of gas mileage most 4cyl are getting today (2012-2014 models) the HHR does leave something to be desired in MPG. Right now I get 22/30 and I think the new Chevy Cruise gets up to 36 freeway or something like that. In terms of engine performance it is only a 4cyl 2.4L so the acceleration leaves something to be desired. No wonder. Other than that it has been smooth sailing, my favorite part about this car is that it is easy to keep maintenance up at home like a lot of Chevys. I changed my own brake pads, changed my own oil (after the warranty expired) etc, during the summer and during the winter just took it in if necessary. I even put new rotors on at 50k and it was a snap. Being a very small lady this says something. Parts are very cheap for this guy. Also keep in mind I've put A LOT of miles on this bad boy. I've had it for three years and I just hit 85k (yikes) and it still runs like a dream. Otherwise I made many long trips with this car, even took it to Florida and back a couple times. Space-wise I LOVE it. I have been moving once a year for the past 5 years and with this car I could comfortably pack all of my furniture and make one MAYBE two trips, no UHaul needed. I was also always the one driving a group road trips because my car was the most comfortable for 4 or 5 people. Winter driving: I was basically Santa driving his flying sleigh through the snow. Enough said. I really can't think of anything I genuinely didn't like about this car. I feel like most of the people who complain about performance didn't properly maintain their car so boo-hoo on them. At 85k, with proper maintinence, I can't even tell if my car is on sometimes it runs so quietly. I haven't even had to bother getting a tune-up because I have the 100k spark plugs etc. My brother owns a 2008 HHR and his still runs excellent at 130k. Of course he has had to replace his suspension which was expected but it was only 650 bucks. The only weird thing about the 08' is that the window buttons are on the center console. No idea why but mine is normal so who cares. Long story short, if you are trying to decide whether to get this or a normal sedan, get the HHR. It has so much utility and is just overall just a great little easy-keeper car. I have every intention of driving this car until it can't run anymore.

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One of the Best Vehicles I've Ever Owned

VictorySpeedway, 04/18/2010
SS 4dr Wagon (2.0L 4cyl Turbo 5M)
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I ordered a 2010 HHR SS with the AA5 (no rear quarter windows), sound system, performance package. I am blown away by the performance. It'll do 150 mph. I've had it up to 118, and it wasn't even breathing hard. It handles "as if on rails." Seats are very comfortable, even on long trips, and I make many of those. It has enough space for all my equipment. Sound system is good, not great. I would install a custom stereo system on my next vehicle. The factory tires are wearing like iron. But the best feature of all is the mileage - I'm averaging 28.5 mpg. All in all, it is almost the perfect vehicle.

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HHR...road warrior

fordguy63, 09/29/2012
LS 4dr Wagon (2.2L 4cyl 5M)
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We bought this car for my wife in 2010 (new). The only problem we've had is with the ignition switch, which got stuck in the ON position & the car would not shut off. This happened on a Sunday afternoon & onstar was spectacularly unhelpful. The operator told us to find a shop that was open & go there, then sent us to Honda dealer which was closing by the time we got there (5pm). We finally had the running car disabled & towed to Bachman Chevrolet, per Onstar's instructions. (something to do with warranty regulations blah,blah,blah). Bachman Chevrolet had the car up & running free of charge by 3PM Monday, so pretty good service on their part.

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HHR LS Rental

HHR LS Rental, 11/15/2009
LS 4dr Wagon (2.2L 4cyl 5M)
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I had a rental HHR LS for one month. It had 600 miles on it with a 26.3 mpg. I turned it in with 1650 miles with a 27.7 mpg. It was peppy,fun and easy to drive. I was never fond of small vehicles but the HHR changed my views. I had plenty of leg room, seats were comfortable. My wife loved driving it.Perfect for groceries, parking at the mall. I plan on buying one next year.

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