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Wonderful car, great ride, best cargo room, 32 mpg

DDOlson, 05/25/2016
LS 4dr Wagon (2.2L 4cyl 5M)
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For cheap and good this is the real deal. First of all this is my second HHR. I bought the 2006 first off the assembly line. I never had a single problem with it until 200,000 and even then the problem was easy to solve. I must preface this by saying my husband is a great mechanic. We maintain every car we own as a 10 out of 10. Many of the bad reviews I see here I think are caused by people beating their cars into the ground and reselling them as junk. Seriously people, don't buy a used car until you've done your research, test drove it and had a mechanic check it out. And buying from a back lot small time dealer is a real roll of the dice and you'll pay much more for a car from a factory type dealer. My 2006 I finally sold at 220,000 just because I didn't want to have anything happen out on the rural roads in Minnesota's winter weather. That said the problem I did have was BATTERY GENERATED. You must replace newer car's batteries every 3 years. If you do not, cars today are so electronically generated from the computerization to lights, sensors etc. you start getting warning lights, sensor lights, power downs etc. as the batteries age because the old battery cannot support the juice needed to run the car. The cargo room in this car is better than any other its size and MPG. My son can get two bass bins and music gear galore in it no problem..I use to get ladders and dressers and beds in mine!!!!Its the best for this. Also I have three family members over 6 feet tall and they fit comfortably in the much we got one for my 6 ft+ son. Also the inside car handles are cheap plastic and wear out. My drivers side simply broke in two but one, You Tube video later and a replacement part at NAPA, and it was fixed at home. Now my son graduated from college. We bought him a 2008 HHR used 91,000 miles on it. Believe me it took weeks and a 7 hour road trip to buy the right one. There were tons out there but over priced, poorly maintained, a real crap shoot if you don't know what you are doing. I was very surprised how people just out and out try to deceive you about vehicles. I am so glad I have a reliable person to check things over before purchase. Our 2008 has the 2.2 engine and does get 32 MPH with the cruise husband claims without the cruise it would be more if you drive it a certain way. The guy we bought it from even did the 100,000 maintenance on it all ready with the high end platinum plugs. New front tires-smooth ride and we really kicked the tires on this HHR before we bought it and drove it 7 hours straight to get it home. And the person who said they could have gotten a VW-good luck with that and buying used. I had VWs for years. If you do not do the routine maintain on them at a rep. certified VW place at thousands of dollars a pop, the vehicle is crap and a money hole. A used one maintained is hard to find. it is now 2017 and we are still very happy to own an HHR. The 2008 had a small flaw in design where they took the fuel line and routed it close to the exhaust and wrapped the fuel line close to the exhaust with heat shielding that absorbed it rusted out. Again another You Tube video later, replaced that length of fuel line with a piece that included a rust preventative( make sure you get compression fittings due to fuel injected vehicle- for some reason O"REILLY employees didn't know this- don't rely on store employees). We did put the heat shielding back on but open so the moisture can escape. Also again, as with the 2006, there seem to be glitchy things with the mother boards and electrically system just randomly deciding to do finicky things. Being a seasoned HHR owner, we pulled the battery which reset the electronics and when we put it back in, trouble free. Got to make sure you have a good newer battery. I can tell you I do not like the computer technology in ANY vehicle I have owned. They can have nothing wrong with the vehicle itself-just the computer. It also can be an expensive fix. AND mechanics charge you a fortune and rarely get to the real problem-it's a crap shoot...Glad it hasn't been on this HHR yet!

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Get What You Pay For

mrsyam, 05/26/2012
LS 4dr Wagon (2.2L 4cyl 5M)
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We bought this car after our first child was born. We bought it used with 25K miles on it and save a bunch of money than buying it new. It was great at first, but then all sorts of issues started popping up. The rotors have needed replaced 3 different times due to grinding. The CD player stopped working for some reason, but the dealership replaced it for free. The drivers side lock always sticks and I've gotten locked out of my car before with my children in the car because the key fobs also are cheaply made and don't work properly. The newest issue is that the Passlock feature is malfunctioning due to a microchip error in the ignition!!! Trading in for something else.

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Good Car but has some problems.

FFDice, 09/24/2010
LS 4dr Wagon (2.2L 4cyl 5M)
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This was my 1st new car ever. I always liked the look of classic cars and this car caught my eye. I bought this car during the gas price boom and it didn't disappoint me. Average MPG 24- 26. The car does have some squeaks and problems, but still a good car. Dealership has taken care of all my concerns. Back seats lower and can haul a lot of stuff as long as its not filthy dirty.

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Great Little Hauler

Notcho Trouble, 06/20/2010
LT 4dr Wagon (2.2L 4cyl 5M)
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Usually drive with the back seats folded down. Use to haul lots of items for work and play. Made a carpet for the folded down area and use plastic if hauling something that's dirty. It fits quickly into the hidden storage. Great in the winter I have oversize tires on alloy wheels. Had a problem with brake wobble but dealership took care of it. It does take me longer to get somewhere cause everyone stops to ask me how I like my HHR Looking to buy another one.

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Some issues

akaskyhigh, 06/04/2012
LT 4dr Wagon (2.2L 4cyl 5M)
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I have a few problems with this car.First of all the rotors are always getting warped.I have replaced them several times and still happens again.The right rear passenger window motor has gone out.None of the tire pressure gauges work any longer.The rear seat has gotten cramped since the kids have grown up some.But the gas mileage is great though no doubt.I have 147,000 miles and have had no engine problems.I have noticed if I pull up to a light and I am first I have to lean forward to see the light.

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