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2006 Chevrolet HHR

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What A Trip It's Been

darkwolf927, 10/28/2013
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Second car ever, lots of ups and downs. Lots of little things, my electrical problems alone have been a total nightmare, the $2K price tag for the AC repairs, the extra-expensive profile tires, the fact that you can't replace ANYthing easily... but I'm trying not to complain here, and here's why. Overall, I bought it used with 36k miles, 5 years later I just passed 265,000! Eaten probably $5,000 in various repairs, and I never did get around to fixing that AC. But it fits my family of 4, strollers and luggage, and I still marvel driving around on FL roads and watching it get 38 MPG. Oh, and the stock stereo has killer bass! Quarter million miles on the original trans & still going!

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Easy To Drive

Little Red Head Girl, 01/24/2007
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At first, when I saw this car, I wasn't happy with the design but when I test drove it at the dealership, I was sold. The turning radius is wonderful, It parks easilly, is fun to drive, and is roomy for even short or tall people.

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15 Months After Purchase

UnhappyHHRowner , 02/21/2007
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I rated this car highly when I first bought it but after 15 months of ownership, the honeymoon is over. The build quality of this vehicle is horrid. I have been a loyal buyer of domestic cars and my last two purchases from GM (both 2006 vehicles) are dogs. The HHR has been in the shop for a myriad of problems from front brake rotors, electrical issues, wiper problems, injector replacement, pulling, among others. The metal is paper thin and susceptable to dents. It is a fun car to drive when the check engine light is not on (which is about 50% of the time). My dealership has been great but I can not say the same for the engineers that built this piece of junk.

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2006, HHR LT

jake1995, 04/02/2012
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I just bought my HHR in March of 2012, and I love it! I get great gas mileage! A full tank will last me a month! I'm 17, and will be going off to college, soon- and this will be GREAT. It had 90,000 miles on it when I bought it- and expect it to last long! They are great cars, and very reliable!

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Water Problems

shutto01, 07/30/2012
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I too was having problems with standing water in the floorboards. Easy fix.....the sunroof has 2 drain tubes that run down thru the door post, we blew these hoses out (full of nasty black debris). Once they were cleared out I have not had 1 problem with water again. I am so happy with my car. This car gets great gas mileage and performs great. So happy we figured out the problem.

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