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The BEST FUN Car I've ever had

botx, 06/14/2012
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My favorite car WAS a '67 GTO convertible but when money got tight, it squeezed me even more for repairs & gas. When replacement parts gave in, then it was time to find something 1/3 the cost. Then in 1999, I found IT. All fun, no misery, reliable, dealer support A++ This is an AUTOMATIC transmission

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Mostly reliable for 10 years

ski, 10/26/2010
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Reliable car for ten years, but then the car started overheating when idling even though the thermostat and radiator have been replaced. A small oil leak later occurred at the rear of the engine. An AC hose near the firewall was designed poorly because it created a hole due to rubbing on another part. The side window motor failed. Otherwise no other major parts have been replaced. A previous inspection showed the code for a transmission problem but it works fine. There is no body rust and the original exhaust system is still used. The top is in good shape. Although the body is in good shape, I was hoping to get more mileage out of the car.

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Nice sporty car

Dustin, 03/17/2005
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This car really has some zip to it and nothing beats riding with the top down. If you find one without a crack in the dash, its a rare find. Seems that everyone has it. It also likes to leak water, but hey its a convertible. Also has a good deal of wind noise, but again its a convertible. Great car for the money

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Fun economy convertible

mikes, 07/06/2008
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I bought this car new. I had to take it back three times to have them fix the wind noise. They finally figured out that they had to adjust the rear window stop so it would fit flush with the front window. Ride is quite harsh, you feel all the bumps, but engine is peppy. Power top works easily. Could have used overdrive gear for better fuel economy.

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Fun little ragtop for the money

fradel61, 02/15/2003
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This wasn't my first choice for a replacement vehicle, but in retrospec I really enjoy this little car. It has some zip to it. Nicely equipped anti-locks, cd player pw/w/l ect. The front end has a tendency to pitch on curves and handling is only so-so.You feel every bump in the road, but for the money don't expect the handling of a Viper. Great car to just drive with the top down and the music playing. Would I buy it again....yeah I think so.

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