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jennybain, 03/08/2011
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I have wanted a Camaro since the Movie Transformers came out.. I love the look of the car . It is completely sexy and hot!... However, I have had my Camaro for 2 months and every single time I wash it or inspect it, I find more and more paint chips.. It is so disappointing.. I don't tail other drivers and I park in the nose bleed section of every parking lot to prevent door dings... These chips are coming out of no where.. There are not scratches.. these are large chunks of paint missing.. you can see the gray primer under it.. Also in the seams where the hood meets the fenders, the paint is flaking off.. I really hope Chevy does something about this.. I love my car..:(

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Fun car to drive, but seems to have consistent issues

mccachement, 08/01/2013
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Fun car to drive. I have never owned such a fun car to drive. Power and performance are outstanding. Reliability? Come on, Chevy. I know you can do better. Within months of purchasing the car it began to do "funny" things. Like telling me all 4 tires were flat and not one was, giving me an airbag warning and adjusting radio volume on its own to name a few. The Chevy dealer said it needed a computer upgrade and we did that. Everything was good for a few weeks, and the issues began again. Back to dealer, same problem. Now, 60K miles into it, the car has left me stranded twice and I no longer have any faith in the reliability. Be warned if you are looking for a reliable vehicle.

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2000 miles through,wind,rain, and snow

or_truckguy, 01/01/2011
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I rented a v6 Camaro. Drove with 2 adults and 2 children. Trunk held kids luggage, gifts, and overnight bags for adults. I moved drivers seat up for passenger. Drove that way for 3 hours no issue. teens were good to go in the back seat. Drove through nasty weather from Seattle down I-5 over to Hwy 101 to San Fran with 2 adults. Standing water, high winds, and heavy rain. Car handle well and was fun drive through the twisties on 101. Seat comfort is ok. 4'11 wife could see over door sills. V-6 has plenty of power, It'll pin you to your seat. Drove through Yosemite and 80 miles of snow at 5000+ft. Slow going with chains but no issues. Adjust mirrors be careful backing up, blind spots.

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Major Mechanical Issues - Thats Life!

Anthony, 12/21/2015
2LT 2dr Coupe (3.6L 6cyl 6M)
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I, unfortunately, own a 2010 2LT that currently has about 70,000 miles. I have had multiple major mechanical components of the vehicle fail prematurely. Specifically, one of the catalytic converters failed at about 60,000, the throttle body and related wiring failed at about 45,000, the timing chains stretched at about 35,000 and most recently have just stretched again at about 70,000. GM assumes no responsibility for the issues and when questioned for assistance with the second timing chain failure has relayed the message that they believe that this is normal wear and that the 35,000 mile interval is acceptable. Terrible product. I do not recommend if you purchase one if you like your hard earned money. Other than the major mechanical issues the car looks fantastic. I guess I always really did need a $35,000 lawn decoration.

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Nearly Perfect

Ryan, 10/30/2010
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I have owned to 2010 Camaro 1LT for around 9 months now, and I still have a smile on my face every time I hop in the car. The power is amazing (now SAE certified 312 hp, instead of the original rating of 304 hp), especially coming from a V6. GM knocked it out of the ballpark with the design. I have had people lean out of their cars on the highway to gawk at the car, people talk to me and ask to see inside it at gas stations, and been given thumbs up by other people driving their cars and motorcycles. I seriously feel like a rockstar driving this vehicle.

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