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The more I drive this 2002 Z28 the more I love it

xxxfelix, 04/15/2012
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I bought a 2011 Camaro 2LT with variable valve timing, twin cam, 4 valves per cyclinder direct injected V6 (state of the art), the advertised hp is 312. I also bought a used 2002 Z28 with the LS1 engine from the same dealer for a good price. The advertised hp is 310 for the 2002 Z28. But when I drive each car, the 2002 Z28 seems a whole lot more powerful. Elapsed time at a control track also proves the z28 is more powerful. I did some reseach and found that for the 1998 to 2002 LS1 engines, the true hp at the rear wheels on the camaro is more like 350 (same LS1 in the corvettes). The torque ratings were also dumbed down by GM on these camaros

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Great Car, Repairs...ehh...

sergheis, 04/26/2015
2dr Hatchback (3.8L 6cyl 5M)
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The V6 is not much compared to newer ones, but it will still pick up to highway speeds before you could turn your head to check the other lane. Takes any turn without a problem, good on fuel, and how could you ever forget the nostalgic but mandatory t-tops. Interior is roomy in the front, the back, can be made comfortable if you're sitting alone.

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Great car for the hardcore speedster in you

zoilus, 03/10/2012
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I have now had my 02 Z28 for 6 yrs. It has 92k miles. The LS1 is great! it can withstand alot of abused. These cars with bolt ons can easily get into the 400hp+ range. but add cam, heads and a real proper tune and you can get 450 to 490rwhp range ..all day long, that translates to 500-550bhp WITHOUT the need for nitros, turbo or supercharger. These cars were underrated so vette owners didn't have a cow. LS1's make around 290-310rwhp which is the same as stock Vettes. For people on this board who say the V6 makes V8 power....aaahhhh no... it doesn't. Please get into the V8 FIRST then tell me if your V6 is like a V8. Theres like a 150hp and 150tq difference!

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still faster than a 2010 mustang !

joe, 08/02/2009
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I have driven my 2002 z28 auto as HARD as possible, for the last 7 years! With over 50 dragstrip passes (13.1s @ 109mph) at bradenton dragstrip and never one single problem! You can't kill the almighty LS1 engine. 17 mpg with a heavy right foot! Handling, braking, and acceleration easily scares anybody in the passenger seat! Critics should have bought a camary. A Z28 is for incredible thrills everyday, for over seven years I still smile every morning!

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updating my post from 2011/

James Dzendzel, 04/14/2015
Z28 2dr Hatchback (5.7L 8cyl 4A)
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Now the car has 90,000 miles on it, replaced the shocks with kyb adjustables.just put on some new uniroyals 245/r15's and the ls1 is still going strong. Great highway car, 2017 update, replacing transmission ,lost 2nd gear ,with a monster transmission,Engine is still strong, also rear main seal developed leak which will get swapped out while transmission is out. 98000 miles

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