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1997 Camaro Z28 30th anniversary (z4c)

racerbane09, 10/02/2012
Z28 2dr Coupe
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i was searching on craigslist for a t-top z28, 93-97 body style since imo looks the meanest of all the camaros. when i ran into a white with hugger orange stripes z28 coupe. i checked it out in person and i was stunned at how cool it looked! ....tho its an old car, i have had plenty of people old and young tell me how cool my car is. tho the best complement was indirect by a kid, "cool mom look i want a car like that". .. performance wise car deff puts me back in my seat the auto is very responsive and car is just a head turner even with the imperfect paint and stripes. bought for 5400 and has been an awsome purchase so far only problems besides cosmetics are a bad radiator cap, later radi

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These 5.7's are monsters.

The Z28 Guy, 11/26/2009
Z28 2dr Coupe
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Simply an awesome car. The 5.7's are torque monsters and are very fast for a 1997 muscle car. LT1's have more torque as compared to the LS1's higher top end, but if you ask me, I'de take torque over top end any day. Replaced water pump, optispark, and starter which is completely understandable. Put on aftermarket cold air intake, throttle body, headers and exhaust which unleashed the true beast under the hood. After putting on bolt on's I began using Castrol EDGE and it went from 288 HP to 318 HP on the dyno. If you want to help the 5.7 breath better and reach it's full potential than it is a must to put on a top of the line cold air and exhaust. Find one that is well maintained and buy it!

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Karma, 03/18/2008
Z28 2dr Coupe
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Not the most comfortable car. Definitely not for long road trips. Overall it's great car. We bought it from a college student who didn't know what he had. We took her in and have begun restoration. With an all new cooling system in place this car drives like an all american muscle car should. It has a growl all it's own. Clutch is a little far for someone in short stature (I'm 5'8") but it is worth the thrill.

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97 30th anniversary 2d coupe.

Big Country, 10/15/2009
2dr Coupe
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This car is amazing. The 3.8 combined with the 5spd tranny is awesome. I had a lot of doubts b4 I bought the car about the power but let me tell you, that v6 will put you back in the chair. I'm very satisfied. Definitely a great buy.

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Beware the T-Tops!

CamaroGuy, 12/13/2009
2dr Coupe
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The GM purists claim the brand died out because of this new body style. This may be true, but as an owner of a 1986 and a 1997, this new design is a classic look nowadays. I get tons of looks in my screaming red ride. I am constantly asked what year it big's the motr and such. The car is a blast to drive, but is not intended for comfort if you are over 5 foot 9. The only glaring problems is that the T-tops leak and the front side markers and fog lamps go bad quickly and are a pain to trouble shoot by the owner. My interior is ruined by the constant leaking of the T-tops, but I take the good with the bad. As a bonus, nothing rattles when you put a powerful system with 800w subs in it!

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