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Joe's Review

Joe, 06/08/2005
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This is the 2nd Beretta GT I have owned. The car is quick and nimble, and sounds like a baby muscle car. It is very low to the ground, and a bit harder to get out of than a regular car. It is/was an affordable sports car. Handling is awesome. The dashboard on most Berettas warps over time. I don't know why. My 1st Beretta was OK, but this one I bought with the dash already warped. Only the passenger side. You can't put anything on it, but it remains fully functional. Once the dash warps, the metal strip over the air vent next to the windshield becomes loose. I had to stick a folded up business card in so it wouldn't make noise. The car has 122,000 miles on it and no major problem

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So sad to see it go

Julie, 07/12/2008
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I bought my '91 Beretta in 1995, and other than the usual maintenance stuff and a new alternator some years ago, it has required very little repair. It has been completely reliable during some brutal Chicago winters, always starting up immediately in the mornings. Unfortunately, the power steering fluid is leaking and the repair will cost more than this 17- year-old car is worth now. But up until a few weeks ago, this was an outstanding car. I really got my money's worth!

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Beretta4life, 04/07/2009
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The fact is yes the car HAD problems, give me the beretta anyday. Both my brothers have them and both are now well over 200000 miles. Needs a turbo that's about it, yes it breaks but its cheap to fix. Never been stranded that's all that matters.

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260,000 miles and still going

Sue, 10/09/2009
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I bought this car used with 19,000 miles on it. This car has served me well over the years. A few cons are the front interior fabric did not hold up well & the wiring in the steering column caught on fire once and had to have the switch for the lights & turn signal replaced, also had to replace the alternator and battery 3 times. Even with its age & mileage, this car still performs well & handles as good as the day I bought it. I also have a 2004 Chevy Impala which is a comfortable car, but at 110,000 miles started having transmission slippage issues. Too bad the Impala's transmission isn't on par with the 1991 Beretta's.

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My Beretta

Mae, 06/08/2010
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I bought my Beretta used 6 months ago. With one previous owner, it is still in terrific shape. Though it has a decent number of miles on it, it is very reliable and fun to drive. I really appreciate the speed and acceleration. Very few problems so far. With new tires, a new paint job, and a little chrome, my Beretta easily compares to any new car.

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