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Weld County Garage Buick GMC Dealer Sells Customers' Cars for Them

Just the Facts:
  • Weld County Garage Buick GMC sells hundreds of cars for customers on consignment each year.
  • Car shoppers often get more money for their cars when they're sold on consignment rather than as trade-ins.
  • The customer cars sold on consignment range from old models to recent ones. Prices range from less than $5,000 to more than $40,000

GREELEY, Colorado — Car dealerships are usually quite eager to sell you one of their vehicles. Dealers may even be eager to buy a car from a shopper, even if the shopper doesn't buy a car from the dealership.  

However, it's not often that car shoppers find a new-car dealership that offers to sell an unwanted or unneeded car for them.         

Weld County Garage in Colorado does just that. The Buick and GMC dealership, which opened in 1901 to shoe horses and sell buggies, estimates it has between 25 and 30 customer cars on its used car lot each month, ready to be sold on consignment. Assistant Used-Car Manager Steven Boldry says that the dealership sells hundreds of cars per year this way. The prices range from less than $5,000 to more than $40,000.

"Not all customers want to trade in a car to get another one," says Boldry, who runs consignment sales for the dealership. "Sometimes they just need to sell an extra car. This gives a customer a way to sell a car without much hassle. And those who want something new might get more for their car than they would normally get as a regular trade-in."

Boldry says that a car owner who wants to get a rid of a vehicle might find consignment to be a smart option. The car owner does virtually no work and incurs very little expense with a consignment sale. The owner decides the price he needs to get for the car, and then leaves the sale of the car up the dealership. The dealership makes its money by marking up the sale price the seller has said he hopes to get for his car.

The car owner also pays a fee that ranges between $200 and $250, depending on the type of vehicle being sold. That money is used to cover the cost of a complete detail, oil change and safety inspection.  

The dealership handles the vehicle demonstrations and test-drives. It also advertises the vehicle and handles the purchase negotiations, financing and final paperwork. Weld County Garage also will accept trade-ins on deals involving consignment cars, as it would with any other vehicle it sells. Average time to sell is about 60 days, according to the dealership.

Taking a trade-in and offering financing is something a private party isn't likely to do, and these services make a used car available to more potential buyers than a standard private party sale might, the dealership says.

Based on the dealership's high customer satisfaction reviews, it seems that car shoppers in this Colorado city of more than 95,000 residents like the service.

"We do this because it really serves the customer, and helps us too," Boldry says. "Why should we buy our used cars from an auction when we can help out somebody in our own city who has a car to sell?"

Edmunds says:  Selling a car can be a bigger project than some people are willing to take on. Having a reputable car dealership that will do all the work is sure to appeal to many car owners.

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