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Wagner Subaru Takes Green to the Next Level

FAIRBORN, Ohio — When Wagner Subaru opened its new 15,000-square-foot dealership this December, the 2015 Subaru Legacy  had some competition for being the prettiest piece in the showroom.

The 11th-oldest Subaru dealership built a "living wall" directly across the new facility's front door.

Adorned with live greenery and studded with flowers mimicking Subaru's star cluster, the 9-foot-by-13-foot wall has acted as a magnet, making the dealership stand out.

"People in our community have heard about it and stop by to see it in person," owner Bo Wagner told Edmunds.

Wagner came up with the idea for the wall after visiting multiple showrooms sporting a standard fireplace.

"I wanted to do something different from a fireplace and because this building is nearly four times the size of our previous location, the living wall gives our open and airy environment a bit of a tactile difference," Wagner said.

It's also eco-friendly. The wall technology scrubs the air clean, acting as the in-house air filtration system.

"A Subaru customer is greatly appreciative of these forward-thinking details," Wagner added.

Edmunds says: Expect others to copy this forward-thinking Subaru dealership.

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