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Volvo XC90 Excellence Brings New Luxury to the Brand: 2015 Shanghai Auto Show

SHANGHAI, China — The Volvo XC90 Excellence SUV, a new luxury flagship vehicle for Volvo, will be available globally later this year, the automaker said on Tuesday. The top-of-the-line XC90 debuts later this month at the 2015 Shanghai Auto Show.

"Volvo has never launched a car like this before," said Thomas Ingenlath, Volvo senior vice president of design, in a statement. "This is the car that demonstrates what the name Volvo now means."

"At this time, both U.S. pricing and delivery date are yet to be determined," wrote Volvo spokesman Jim Nichols in response to a query from Edmunds.

The XC90 Excellence features seating for four passengers, as opposed to the 2016 XC90's seating for seven.

The emphasis in the new flagship is on rear seat comfort and amenities.

They include reclining rear seats with massage and ventilation functions, a refrigerator and handmade crystal glasses from Orrefors.

Other details include passenger footrests, ambient lighting and a high-end Bowers & Wilkins audio system.

Technical specifications were not released.

Key XC90 Excellence competitors include top-of-the-line versions of the Audi Q7, BMW X5 and Porsche Cayenne.

The 2016 Volvo XC90 is on sale now at Volvo dealerships.

Edmunds says: The base 2016 XC90 represents bold steps forward for the Volvo brand and the vehicle segment. The XC90 Excellence promises to shake things up even more.

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