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Next-Generation Volkswagen Tiguan Could Go Electric

Next-Generation Volkswagen Tiguan Could Go Electric

Spy shots reveal that an EV version of the next Tiguan is likely

  • Spy shots show that Volkswagen is working on a fully electric version of the next Tiguan
  • An EV powertrain could solve one of our biggest issues with the current Tiguan
  • A Tiguan EV could fill a unique spot in the marketplace

While some compact crossovers have a defining characteristic that makes them one of our more highly rated models — like a powerful engine or class-leading infotainment system — the Volkswagen Tiguan merely fills a slot in Volkswagen's SUV lineup. Unless you're sold on its muscular styling or nifty digital instrument panel, there are other crossovers with more efficient powertrains, quicker acceleration, more upscale materials and so on.

Recent spy shots of a next-generation Tiguan hint that Volkswagen's forthcoming third-generation model might have a trick or two up its sleeve, which may finally give the compact SUV a fighting chance to win shoppers over. The Tiguan prototype in these photos is a fully electric test mule, which suggests that Volkswagen is developing a Tiguan EV for the crossover's next redesign. A conventional gasoline engine, hybrid and plug-in hybrid variants are also possible, though we don't yet have a bead on which of these will come to the US-spec model.

A Tiguan EV is certainly exciting and could solve one of our biggest issues with the current model — the lethargic acceleration. It would also give Volkswagen a distinctive entrant in the marketplace, as many of the EV crossovers in this space, from the Ford Mustang Mach-E to the Tesla Model Y and VW's own ID.4, are little more than lifted hatchbacks.

Edmunds Says

A true SUV with an electric powertrain could shake up the segment in a profound way. That is if Volkswagen can debut the Tiguan EV quicker than our projected 2024 release date.