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AI Finds a Way: ChatGPT Is Coming to Volkswagens This Year

Debuting at CES 2024, VW's ChatGPT integration is currently under consideration for the U.S.

2024 Volkswagen ID.4 front interior
  • Volkswagen is integrating ChatGPT artificial intelligence software into its infotainment tech suite.
  • ChatGPT will come standard on a number of VW models starting in the second quarter of 2024.
  • Volkswagen is currently investigating whether or not it will offer the ChatGPT integration in the United States.

Ah, ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence software that can help you with your love life, misdiagnose your child's illness, or even sell you a Chevrolet Tahoe for $1. It's definitely one of those technologies we've long been promised would be part of The Future, and according to an announcement at CES 2024 today, it'll soon be coming to Volkswagens. Hold onto your butts.

Volkswagen says ChatGPT will be integrated into its new IDA voice assistant and can be used for a whole bunch of things, like "enriching conversations, clearing up questions, interacting in intuitive language, receiving vehicle-specific information and much more," according to a statement. Volkswagen's standard IDA voice assistant will be on hand to handle things like infotainment, navigation, climate control or general knowledge requests. But if you ask IDA something it can't handle, "it is forwarded anonymously to AI and the familiar Volkswagen voice responds," the company said.

Cerence Chat Pro — software developed by Cerence Inc. — is Volkswagen's tech partner that makes the ChatGPT integration possible, and the automaker confirms that the AI software does not gain any access to the vehicle's data. What's more, "questions and answers are deleted immediately," VW said, so go on, ask it anything. Anything.

ChatGPT will become a standard feature on a number of Volkswagen models in the coming months, including the ID.3, ID.4, ID.5, ID.7, Passat, Tiguan and the next-generation Golf. That said, it's unclear if this functionality will be available in all countries where Volkswagen sells cars. Right now, the feature "is being considered" for the United States, Volkswagen said.

Edmunds says

ChatGPT could certainly be useful for owners looking to gain information on the go. The novelty factor is just a bonus.