Toyota Receives Over 1,100 Order Requests for 2016 Mirai Fuel-Cell Vehicle

TORRANCE, California — The 2016 Toyota Mirai fuel-cell vehicle will not arrive at select California Toyota dealerships until October, but Toyota told Edmunds that it already has over 30,000 shoppers who have expressed interest in the alt-fuel vehicle and more than 1,100 order requests.

The 2016 Toyota Mirai is a midsize four-passenger zero-emissions electric sedan that uses a hydrogen fuel cell system in lieu of a traditional battery. It can travel up to 300 miles on a full tank.

The Japanese automaker on Thursday released a new kid-friendly YouTube video about the Camry-sized Mirai that details a Toyota experiment to turn lemonade into hydrogen fuel and "put this and other unused resources to better use."

"Our latest hydrogen experiment is a sweet one," Toyota said in a text accompanying the video.

It calls lemonade a "potential fuel source," but warned consumers not to use "raw lemonade" as fuel.

"Fueled by Lemonade" is the third online video in Toyota's multi-part "Fueled by Everything" series aimed at educating consumers about the potential of hydrogen fuel. The campaign leads up to the arrival of the 2016 Mirai in select California showrooms.

The Mirai is priced at $58,325, including an $825 destination charge. The five-passenger Mirai is also available for lease at $499 per month with $3,649 due at signing. The lease option runs for 36 months.

"With combined state and federal incentives of $13,000 available to many customers, the purchase price could potentially fall to under $45,000," according to Toyota.

Additional Toyota dealerships will offer the Mirai as the hydrogen refueling structure in the U.S. expands, Toyota said.

The Honda FCV, another upcoming fuel cell vehicle, is expected to debut in the U.S. next summer.

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