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Toyota Marin Donates a 2015 Prius to Raffle for Special-Education Group

MARIN, California Toyota Marin is gearing up for its biggest promotion of the year as it helps to raffle a 2015 Toyota Prius on February 8 at the California dealership.

The raffle is a fundraiser for Dedication to Special Education, a volunteer parent group that raises funds for special-education programs.

Tickets to win the car are priced at $20 each.

In the past few years, the group has earned more than $50,000 on a single vehicle valued at about half of that, Chip Cooper, the dealership's customer relations manager told Edmunds.

This marks the 10th year Toyota Marin has donated a car for the cause, raising more than $500,000 over the years for the group's programs.

Toyota Marin will host the ticket-drawing party on February 8, inviting local firefighters in to draw the winning ticket.

"We do benefit from being involved," Cooper said.

The goodwill effort draws people in the dealership to buy tickets and the community appreciates its involvement, he added.

They appreciate the dealership's flexibility, too. Cooper said the winning family may choose another vehicle other than the Prius, paying for it with the $25,000 Prius.

"Two years ago we had a special-needs family win and they ended up needing something larger, so they bought a RAV4 for about $34,000," Cooper said. "They used the $25,000 as a down payment."

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Edmunds says: This big-hearted dealership proves its worth as a community partner.

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