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Tesla Debuts Fashion Line

PALO ALTO, California Tesla Motors, taking a page from the playbook of Chrysler, Ferrari and Porsche, has rolled out its own fashion collection.

The Tesla Design Collection includes a $300 tote bag, $100 men's touchscreen leather driving gloves, $24 kid's t-shirt and a $175 golf bag.

Leather items use the same material found in the Tesla Model S.

Tesla apparel and accessories can be ordered online or in Tesla showrooms.

By offering clothing and accessories, Tesla is building its brand reputation and customer loyalty, even among children, a well-established approach pioneered by other luxury automakers.

The Ferrari store, for example, has a lengthy list of apparel and accessories, including a $180 Ferrari infant car seat for the "little Ferraristi."

Porsche's online store rivals that of mass-market retailers, with a wide range of items. High-end items include a $6,570 office chair that features the sport seat used in the current Porsche 911 and a $2,299 Porsche 911 Turbo wheel rim clock.

The debut of Tesla's fashion line coincides with a product push that includes the debut this fall of the 2016 Tesla Model X midsize electric SUV.

Tesla is in the process of revamping its stores worldwide, with an emphasis on interactive displays that tell the Tesla story.

Edmunds says: The Tesla gear is all part of the automaker's effort to establish itself as a luxury brand.

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