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SoCal Nissan GT-Rs Captivate Cars and Coffee

Just the Facts:
  • More than 70 Nissan GT-Rs, including a couple of four-decades-old Skylines, materialized for a recent Cars and Coffee event in Southern California.
  • The showing was organized by the SoCal GT-R club.
  • No calculation on the combined worth of all these Nissan supercars, but total engine output exceeded 37,000 horsepower.

IRVINE, California — Weekend car shows are not hard to come by in Southern California, but Cars and Coffee in Irvine certainly has emerged as one of the more prominent gatherings. Last weekend, Cars and Coffee got an extra little shot of espresso when the SoCal GT-R club took over the rooftop parking in an adjacent structure to flaunt an impressively sized flock of Nissan's everyman supercar.

By organizer Ryan Aberg's account, about 75 GT-Rs showed up in the pre-dawn hours. Understandably, the latest-generation GT-R had the greatest representation, but there was a handful of third-generation R32 models and even a pair of first-generation C10s.

Particularly captivating was a silver 1972 Skyline GT owned by Eric Routhe. A Mercedes mechanic by day, Routhe found this gem on eBay last year when it was listed by a fledgling importer in San Francisco. It was described as "barely running" by the new owner and was suffering from some rust, but his experience working on Datsun 510s served him well. This Skyline GT now sports a 2.4-liter engine with triple Weber carburetors and if the engine bay is any indication, the rest of the car should be in pristine condition in no time.

A short time later, the sea of GT-Rs packed up to head to a Formula D tech day and car meet. With more than 37,000 combined horsepower headed that way, we're sure the attendees at the next stop were just as impressed as the Cars and Coffee crowd.

Edmunds says: Cars and Coffee is never a disappointment, but catching such a large fleet of GT-Rs all in one place yet again proves you never know what will turn up at this SoCal car-enthusiast mainstay.

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