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Smart Pedal May Signal End of Lead Foot

FARMINGTON HILLS, Michigan — A new "smart pedal" under development by Bosch tells drivers "when they have crossed the line from light touch to lead foot," the auto supplier announced on Monday.

The pedal sends a "gentle vibration" to the driver's foot when the car exceeds the speed limit or approaches a dangerous bend at too high a speed.

The feedback from the pedal is also designed to cut fuel consumption by as much as 7 percent.

"The Bosch active gas pedal helps drivers save fuel and alerts them to potentially dangerous situations as well," said Stefan Seiberth, president of Bosch's gasoline systems division, in a statement.

While the supplier has not specified a launch date for the new technology, it said the pedal "opens up a lot of fuel-saving potential in hybrids, since it lets drivers know when the combustion engine is about to take over from the electric motor, so they can lighten the amount of pressure on the gas pedal."

The pedal can be coupled with a navigation system or a camera that recognizes road signs, providing drivers with a haptic warning about upcoming situations.

Edmunds says: Yet another building block on the road to the self-driving car.

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