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Sioux City Ford Lincoln Sponsors Food Truck Fridays

SIOUX CITY, IowaSioux City Ford Lincoln is sponsoring the inaugural year of Sioux City Food Truck Fridays, a culture project throughout the summer to attract people downtown. It runs each Friday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

"Nine trucks are expected on July 1, serving everything from Tex Mex to barbecue", said Sam Burrish, the dealership's marketing and business development manager and one of the co-founders of Food Truck Fridays.

"There's been a huge appetite, so to speak, to bring people downtown that we're just tapping into and it took a new idea to get it rolling," Burrish told Edmunds.

"The dealership's involvement with the food trucks is understated," Burrish said.

Sioux City Ford Lincoln gets a shout-out at the end of a video on its Facebook page that Burrish put together. He is donating his marketing skills to the cause.

"We take pride in being one of the only locally owned dealerships and we get involved, not because we're expecting a benefit, but because we are invested in the community," Burrish said.

Edmunds says: This dealership adopts a mouth-watering approach to community involvement.

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