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Richfield-Bloomington Honda Shows School Spirit With Volunteer Effort

Just the Facts:
  • Richfield-Bloomington Honda of Richfield, Minnesota, participates each year in a school-supply drive for needy local children.
  • The local volunteer group VEAP spearheads the Stuff the Bus campaign, which fills backpacks with pencils, notebooks and other school necessities and distributes them.
  • Richfield-Bloomington Honda filled the back of a 2014 Honda Pilot on the showroom floor, highlighting both the generosity of its customers and the carrying capacity of the SUV.

RICHFIELD, Minnesota The winters are cold in this city just south of Minneapolis, but the hearts are warm, especially inside Richfield-Bloomington Honda.

In the center of the showroom, the dealer opened the tailgate of a 2014 Honda Pilot SUV and invited people to fill it up with school supplies for the needy.

Human Resources Manager Dawn Lesnefsky told Edmunds this is "something we do every year."

The dealer participates in the Stuff the Bus drive run by the local volunteer charity VEAP (Volunteers Enlisted to Assist People).

"We advertised it on our Web site, in our emailed newsletter and in our regular mailer," she said.
But Richfield-Bloomington Honda went even further.

 "We gave people a coupon for $5 off service for everything they brought in," Lesnefsky said.
The Pilot was soon filled with notebooks, pencils and backpacks for the charity to distribute in the community.

Honda dealers all over the country have the same charitable motive. SoCal Honda dealerships including Goudy Honda in Alhambra, California; Benson Honda in San Antonio, Texas; and Thayer Honda in Bowling Green, Ohio, all did likewise.

In another goodwill gesture, Richfield-Bloomington Honda staff also participated in the recent ice-bucket challenge to raise money for ALS research.

Edmunds says: Honda dealers come up with a dual-purpose charitable effort that helps kids and shows off the attributes of one of its favorite family haulers.

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