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Phil Long Dealership Group Sells and Services Cars — and Will Travel

Just the Facts:
  • The Phil Long Dealership Group offers its customers vehicle demonstrations and test-drives at their homes or workplaces.
  • It offers to negotiate purchase deals remotely so that customers can sign final purchase documents off-site.
  • The dealer group will also pick up vehicles that need service and drop them off when work is completed.

COLORADO SPRINGS With its Carcierge Door-to-Door Delivery program, the Phil Long Dealerships let shoppers handle most of their car shopping or servicing needs without ever setting foot in the dealership.

The dealerships sell new Audi, Chevrolet, Ford, Hyundai, Kia, Lincoln, Mercedes and Toyota brands in Colorado and New Mexico. Its stores will bring multiple vehicles to a car shopper's home or place of work, and lets customers start the test-drive there. After shoppers have selected a vehicle, they can work out deal terms over the phone or via e-mail. They can pick up final documents at the dealership or have them delivered for signing.

Phil Long is not the only dealership group that brings cars to shoppers, of course. Most will do so — if the customer requests it. Even so, a shopper with a car to trade in will at some point need to have that trade-in appraised. What sets the Phil Long Dealerships apart is that the Carcierge program will also appraise the trade-in at their home or office as well.

According to Mike Cimino, vice president of the Phil Long Dealership Group, the Carcierge Door-to-Door Delivery program goes one big step further: It also serves customers who have a vehicle in need of service.

Anywhere in the state, the Phil Long Dealerships will come to a car in need, Cimino says. In some cases, the car can be fixed on site. When that's not an option, the group will take the car to be repaired at one of its dealerships. And although most customers come to pick up their fixed car, Phil Long Dealerships will deliver the repaired car right to the customer's door. The car doesn't have to have been purchased at one of the Phil Long stores, either.

"Think of an older diesel truck in high altitudes in the middle of winter," Cimino says. "In freezing temperatures fuel can jell, making the truck unable to start. People need to get to work. So, we go to help."

Cimino says the idea is simply to do what other dealerships won't. "We will go to any reasonable length to service our community," he says. "When somebody needs our help, we don't want to just get the job done. We want to wow them."

Edmunds says: Today's dealerships need to do more than simply sell cars to win customer business. The Carcierge Door-to-Door Delivery program is a great example of how progressive dealers are reshaping the car-buying landscape.

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