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Patriot Subaru Finds it's Easy Being Green, Dog Friendly

Just the Facts:
  • Patriot Subaru of North Attleboro, Massachusetts, opened its eco-friendly dealership in late July.
  • Some of the green touches include pavers with grass growing between each one instead of the traditional car lot, live hanging plants replacing helium balloons indoors and an extensive recycling program.
  • Two golden retrievers dogs visit daily and are listed as employees.

NORTH ATTLEBORO, Massachusetts — Patriot Subaru has only been open since July, but the Subaru dealership already stands out as a green, dog-friendly business.

The building and its parking lot are interesting and eco-friendly. Pavers with grass growing between each one have replaced a traditional car lot, while live hanging plants trump helium balloons indoors. LED lighting, Energy Star-rated equipment and appliances, and an extensive recycling program help owner Adam Arens and his team reduce the dealership's carbon footprint.

In fact, it's such a comfortable and healthy environment that Arens brings his canine best friends, golden retrievers Subie — short for Subaru — and Colby every day to work.

The dogs are even listed as customer-relations specialists on the dealership's staff page.

"We believe we've created the nicest Subaru facility there is," Arens told Edmunds.

Customers are responding to its uniqueness. It sold 66 Subaru vehicles in the first 14 days.

Arens modeled this Massachusetts dealership after his first location in Saco, Maine, where he originally tested its eco-friendliness. The LED lights alone reduced his electricity output by 80 percent.

The Maine location features a vegetable garden, and Arens hopes to put one in at the Massachusetts dealership as well.

"We're surrounded by wetlands, so there is not as much room, but I'm still working on where it might go," Arens said.

In the meantime, he's proud of this eco-friendly car dealership.

"There is harmony from the heart throughout the entirety of it," Arens said.

Edmunds says:  Going green seems to bring in the green as car buyers seek out earth-friendly businesses.

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