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North Carolina Mercedes Dealer Uses Videos To Showcase Technology

Just the Facts:
  • Mercedes-Benz of Cary creates videos explaining how to use its products' key features, and posts them on the dealer's Web site.
  • Tips for service are also included in the video collection.
  • Commonly asked technology questions are addressed in the videos, with additional explanations and tutorials also on the Web site.

CARY, North Carolina Mercedes-Benz of Cary is creating original YouTube videos to offer service tips, explain vehicle features and showcase customer testimonials.

The dealership provides videos for its used vehicles as well.

These videos might introduce prospective customers to cars they hadn't considered, or may be used by a current owner to learn how to use a specific tech item, such as voice control.

While car dealerships using video for advertising isn't unheard of, most dealerships haven't embraced the practice quite like Mercedes-Benz of Cary. Many dealers have videos posted on their Web sites, often of a salesperson showing off a used car and explaining why the vehicle is a great deal.

What is unique about these videos is that they are focused more on the ownership experience than on selling a car. The how-to videos are often refreshers for car owners on technology that can be tough to remember if not used regularly. For example, setting the lift height of a power tailgate is not something drivers change often.

Common questions such as how to pair a phone to the Bluetooth system or why tire pressure indicators illuminate are addressed with brief solutions that include very little technical jargon.

This does a few things. First, it creates a quick resource for current customers to turn to without leaving home. Just as importantly, however, the videos offer customers a glimpse into the service mindset of the car dealership. Having tools available to simply answer common owner questions shows that the dealership is still interested in keeping its customers happy, even after the deal is done.

Edmunds says: Mercedes-Benz of Cary is smart to keep the customer service relationship going well after the sale is complete.

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