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New York Hyundai Dealership Offers Shoppers Unique Perks

Just the Facts:
  • Advantage Hyundai realizes that low prices aren't the only thing customers are looking for when deciding where to do business.
  • The dealership provides free massages, manicures and car washes for its customers.
  • These after-sale perks have helped the dealership become the highest-rated Hyundai dealership in the country when it comes to customer loyalty.

HICKSVILLE, New York Advantage Hyundai in Hicksville, New York sells approximately 325 cars per month — just under three times the national average. 

One of the reasons for the dealership's sales success is substantial repeat customer and referral business. It's unusually high, especially in this area of fierce Hyundai competition that includes more than 10 Hyundai dealerships within a 30-mile radius.

Why such a high customer return rate? One of the reasons is after-sale perks.

For dealerships today, simply having low prices may not be enough to grab a car shopper's attention. More than ever, customer service and dealership perks are becoming deciding factors in where or when car shoppers do business. 

To keep car shoppers coming back to the dealership for service, Advantage Hyundai offers some unique freebies, including free massages and manicures.

In a spot adjacent to the service department's waiting area is a well-lit room staffed by a licensed masseuse. Shoppers who have purchased their new or used cars at Advantage Hyundai are invited to have a massage while visiting the dealership.

This is an effective way for an owner to pass the time while waiting for an oil change. However, a customer isn't limited to getting a free massage while having service work done. A massage session is available to Advantage Hyundai's customers whenever the masseuse is on duty.

The dealership also offers manicures in the same room, also free of charge for the customer. Another useful dealership perk is free car washes for people who have purchased or regularly serviced their car with Advantage Hyundai.

These perks keep car shoppers coming back to the dealership, and that familiarity can help make the dealership a customer's first choice when it's time to turn in a lease vehicle or buy a new car, says Steve Toomey, business development manager and longtime Advantage Hyundai employee.

"We realized that price isn't always what is going to win a customer over," he says. "Treatment during the sales process and treatment after the purchase is over are the ways to earn a lifetime customer."

In addition to garnering the dealership extra sales, the after-sales perks also have earned it recognition from Hyundai of America. It recently learned that it was the No. 1 Hyundai dealership in the country in terms of customer loyalty.

Edmunds says: Quite often, the completion of a car deal means the end of the relationship between buyer and seller. Smart dealerships understand that keeping customers happy after the sale is not only a polite business practice, but can lead to more sales.

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