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MotorbooksMobile Kicks Off Road Trip Inspired by Food Trucks

Just the Facts:
  • The MotorbooksMobile will travel to auto events around the country throughout this summer and fall, in a road trip inspired by food trucks.
  • The mobile bookstore was created by automotive book seller and publisher Motorbooks.
  • Although Motorbooks primarily sells through its Web site, the MotorbooksMobile will take the company's products directly to customers.

BEVERLY, Massachusetts — Automotive bookseller and publisher Motorbooks has created a mobile bookstore called the MotorbooksMobile, which will travel to races, shows and other events around the country throughout the summer and fall.

Brick & mortar bookstores are becoming increasingly rare and finding a decent selection of automotive books in retail outlets is getting more difficult all the time. So, inspired by the food trucks that take meals to hungry consumers, Motorbooks decided to take a selection of its products to locations where auto enthusiasts gather.

As Ken Fund, president and CEO of Quayside Publishing Group, which includes Motorbooks, said in a statement: "What better way to introduce these books to a car lover than to drive a huge truck full of them into the heart of a car show?"

To set the plan in motion, Motorbooks purchased a used Bookmobile, one of those specially adapted RVs that once took reading materials to people with limited access to libraries. The company renovated the vehicle, added appropriate graphics and sent it off to its first event, the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix last weekend.

"There was heavy traffic throughout the show," Fund told Edmunds. "The reception was great, even better than expected."

Motorbooks was founded as Classic Motorbooks in 1965 by British transplant Thomas Warth. An auto enthusiast and book collector, Warth became frustrated by the dearth of quality information on cars, motorcycles and racing, so he began selling transportation books from his Minneapolis garage.

As demand increased, he turned the business into a successful mail-order operation, shipping his products throughout North America. In 1973, the company began working with authors and photographers to publish its own books under the Classic Motorbooks imprint.

Although the business has changed hands several times, it continues Warth's mission of serving enthusiasts with original publications and books by other transportation publishers from around the world. Today, most of the company's sales are through its web site, but now the MotorbooksMobile gives it an additional, and unique, means of reaching its target audience.

The full schedule of MotorbooksMobile appearances is available online.

Edmunds says: This unusual take on the bookmobile is whetting our appetite for a good read.

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