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Mercedes-Benz of The Woodlands Takes Cues From Luxury Retailers

THE WOODLANDS, Texas Mercedes-Benz of The Woodlands expects to deliver a top-notch customer experience when it opens its doors on April 20.

Its ownership team, Cultural Engagement Officer Joe Agresti and Chief Visionary Officer Bob Milner, crossed the globe to visit such businesses as Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Waldorf-Astoria, The Ritz-Carlton, Virgin Air, Apple, Disney and various high-end restaurants to understand their culture and study their successful methods.

"We didn't want to be a typical car dealer," Milner told Edmunds. "We want to be a luxury retailer instead."   

The duo have spent the past month explaining their research results to their workforce — 84 employees paired down from 800 resumés — to shape how they deliver a supreme customer experience, one of the dealership's main goals.

After a recent team-building workshop, the employees headed to Costco where they each filled a cart with food to be donated to a local food bank. It turned out to be a $6,000 donation.

"The team really understood what we meant by a 'service culture,'" Milner said.

Milner said team members threw open the welcome wagon when curious passers-by stopped in to see the progress during construction.

"Even from the exterior, guests can tell this dealership is going to be quite different," Milner said.

Edmunds says: Learn from the best has become this dealership's calling card.

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