The Lexus LFA Has a Successor, and It's Fully Electric

The Lexus LFA Has a Successor, and It's Fully Electric

Can Lexus really capture the essence of the LFA in an EV?

  • The legendary Lexus LFA is getting a successor.
  • The Lexus Electrified Sport concept promises LFA DNA in an EV package.
  • It promises the use of solid-state batteries and more than 400 miles of range.

The Lexus LFA is more than just a cult classic, it's an automotive icon. Initially misunderstood as too expensive, too slow, and half a decade late, it's now revered by many thanks to its masterpiece of an engine — a V10 that weighed as much as V6 and revved all the way to a 9,000-rpm redline in half a second. Only 500 LFAs were made, so naturally many fans have wondered if Lexus would build a successor, and we finally have an answer: yes. It's just not what we initially thought it would be.

The Lexus Electrified Sport concept is an EV, but more than that, it's supposed to capture the essence of the LFA for a new era. The Lexus UK Instagram account recently posted photos of the concept and went on to give a few more details about what's supposed to make this EV so special.

First off, Lexus UK said the production version will use solid-state battery tech. Keep in mind, there isn't a single mass-production EV that uses a solid-state battery on sale right now. It's still future tech, but we know brands like Nissan and Toyota are hard at work trying to crack the code on solid state. The hope is it will increase range, lower weight and reduce charge times. Lexus also says it's targeting a range of more than 430 miles of "cruising range," meaning pounding it around a racetrack will obviously diminish that number.

The account also said that the eventual production version of the Lexus Electrified Sport will "inherit the … secret sauce" of the LFA. If that sounds a bit like lyrical wax, it is. The LFA was a genuine legend, and saying out right this concept will find some similar magic is pretty far-fetched. Luckily for Lexus, it has time to figure it out. We don't expect the production version to show up until the latter half of this decade.

Edmunds says

Just like with the LFA, the long wait for the next Lexus halo car starts now.

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